Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hey Mr Blue Sky

My all time favorite workout song, how can you not get in a good grove thinking about nice weather? :-)

So far I'm having a good week, I was OP Monday night, with pizza and salad for dinner. M came over, and we watched Friday Night Lights. We started this show as a break from Breaking Bad (which is just heavy man. So good, but hea-vy), and it is so good! I hate that I hadn't discovered it till now! After we finish season one we are going to go back and watch the most recent season of Breaking Bad, and then season 2 of Friday Night Lights. And so on, and so forth. I love getting into new shows and watching them by their seasons. sometimes you get into a movie rut, and I love our nights of TV :-) Last year we did Lost, I don't think we went out ever haha we did the entire series in about 4 months, it was disgusting!

Then last night We grabbed dinner at Panera, and went to see Thor. It was actually really good! I was a bit hesitant. I like super hero movies, don't get me wrong, but it just seemed really cheesy. But it was really entertaining, they did the story really well. My only critique was I didn't think the whole earth part was that believable, they should have added more scenes to develop his relationships with them a bit more. But overall  it was great :-) We then went for a drink at Hingham Beer Works. I love beer works, I do. But I hate the hingham one. I wish I didn't, because it's so pretty and right on the water. But The service is just awful. I've only been twice, but both times I've been talked down to or completely ignored by the bitchy bartender who is visibly irritated to be interrupted from talking to her friend.

Last time I went I asked what kind of beer X is, her response? "It's dark. *turn to M" Would you like to try it". Because obviously I was asking for him, why would I want to try a heavy beer? I had 2 other conversations much the same and was soo annoyed. This time I didn't even bother asking what type of beer each was, I just picked one myself haha. But it was the same attitude, I just hate it. M's parents went there for a meal a few weeks back and had similar service at a table. And the food was awful according to them. Undercooked and bland.

But the beer was good :-) And hey, it's the South Shore, what should I expect really?

I came to a decision yesterday about my vacation and Weight Watchers. I decided I'm not going to track at all. Now before you start attacking me, here me out:
  • Lately I've been feeling burnt out from tracking. I find myself sneaking more food, and feeling guilty for enjoying myself at all, which isn't right. If this is going to be a lifestyle change I can't feel bad about enjoying myself from time to time.
  • Portland is a mini foodie city, and M and I have a list of hidden gems that we are looking forward to trying, including but not limited to
    • Duckfat, belgian style fries
    • A thai noodle house
    • a top rated fish and chips place right on the water. Tracking that is going to make me feel bad for having it, which I don't want!!
  • In the past when I'm away from my routine, my plans to stay on track and track tend to blow up in my face. If I go in with a better gameplan, I feel like I'll do less damage
  • I don't plan on falling off the wagon. In fact, I plan on adopting positive lifestyle choices. I will watch my hunger singals, walk everywhere and focus on my portion sizes.
  • I never go away. Like, ever. And after this it may not be for  a long while.
So as I said, I think I have valid reason and also I think it will be best for me. It will truly allow me to relax and not stress about what I'm eating or life in general, which I need :-)

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