Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Things Friday

I saw this on a few other blogs, so I figured I'd give it a go. It's been one of those days. 5 things in my life that are making me smile today! :-)

1. My Loss
That's right ladies and gents, down 1.4 today! I would have actually been pretty pissed if I gained this week. I earned 38 APs, was conscious of my eating all week, and honestly was feeling pretty damn good about myself. This just confirmed that feeling, hehehe.  I feel like I'm totally back on the wagon this week (with the exception of my 15 point sandwich for lunch today. Hey, we all gotta splurge sometimes!), and that my friends, is a good feeling!

2. M's New Job
Because he has one!!!! He went for a second interview on Monday, at a bank that he actually really likes (the people, their mission, etc), and it lasted over 2 hours. Tuesday he sent out thank you emails, and recieved a request for references. He found out they called on Wednesday, and then Thursday he was made an offer! And a pretty good one at that! He's making a decent amount, definetly more than he figured he would, will have benefits, and be working in the city. I couldn't be more excited :-) The poor guy has been job searching for almost 2 years now, he definetly deserves this. Plus, we can make plans to move out now, which is equally exciting and scary.
3. Babysitting as a Side Job
I'm babysitting both tonight and tomorrow night, for seriously two of the cutest kids in the entire world. One of them is in bed by 730, and I haven't seen in awhile, and the other one I've sat for every saturday for about 2 months now. I hated my retail job, and while I may need something else, this is an awesome way for me to make money, while enjoying myself. Sometimes it can be hard, but for the most part, it's so relaxing to just run around outside with little kids, or read silly stories together. I loved it in college and I love it just as much now! I hope to find something one night during the week to help my income just a little bit more, but hey, as of right now, I'm happy!

4. Hitting a New Level with Running
I don't know what the hell changed, but in the past month, I feel stronger. My run last night was a bit rough thanks to allergies, but I honestly felt like after a quick break, I could have gone on a bit longer. I still have a little ways to go, but I love the way it's feeling right now. I feel so powerful when I run, like nothing really matters, and that I can literally feel myself getting healthier, which is an awesome feeling! Here's hoping I can keep this up!

5. Spring Turning into Summer
Hey, I had to make a fun one, right? I'm so excited, mainly because I have 5 new skirts, and a new dress (hoping to get 2 more) to wear this summer, and a bunch of cute tops (including the one I'm wearing today). And seriously, what is better, than sitting outside on a warm summer's night, drinking beer/wine/liquor/sangria (let's be real, I ain't picky), enjoying the company of your friends/ boyfriend/family? Nothing. There is nothing better in my mind. That is where my fondest memories are formed.

And with that, happy Friday!!

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