Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Look, Same Blog

So I updated my blog a bit, changed some things (Including the background. I love scenic pictures, especially of the Europe variety. I used to spend hours of unemployment looking at pictures of places I've been, places I want to go to, etc. Another story for another day). I figure my blog should be a reflection of me, and my personality, and I feel like this layout is a better reflection of who I am :-)

I also changed the web address. I had changed it once before, because I was dying to get away from the original one, which really didn't say anything about what my blog is about. unfortunately, where I'm using blogspot, all the urls I wanted were already taken, so I went with my Not exactly easy to remember/ didn't have a nice ring to it, am I right?

But, I like the name of my blog, because I feel like a big part of my weight loss has been finding that secret balance between work and play, you know? So I'm happy with my new URL: A little easier to remember :-)

I'll update about my weekend tomorrow!

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