Monday, May 16, 2011

Beer Tastings and Lawn Mowing, you know, the usual

I mean, that's what everyone's Saturday looks like, right?


So Friday night M and I made the eggplant parmesean from If you've never been over to her website, I highly reccomend it. This is the second recipie I've made of hers, and it was just as good, if not better than the first (we made taco bowls and I overcooked the shells a tidbit ). They came out crispy and delicious, full of flavor. Really and truly just an awesome meal. Coupled with some beers, a trip to the fat cat for a few drinks and to watch the end of the Red Sox game, it was an awesome Friday night. Lately with little squabbles and all the excitement over M's job, we have been sort of in a different place than we are used to, but Friday night we had great conversation, and got over whatever hurdle we were currently climbing, which was nice :-) Sometimes you need little date nights like that, right?

Anyways Saturday consisted of lunch at Boston Market (which cost me 20+ points), and a beer tasting at the liquor store. It was a lot of fun, and I got to try some great beer, which was awesome :-)

I came home, and was so tempted to just pass out for a few hours, sleep off my buzz. Or settle in with some food and a movie.

But I did not! I instead mowed the lawn for my mom, and burnt 380 calories in the process. Not too shabby, huh?

I also planned to go out Saturday, but those plans fell through. So I had some ice cream (Just Jimmies is the BEST) and watched Black Swan with my sister. It was a bit out there for my taste, but I Can see that it was a good movie. Just... different :-) I was so tired that I ended up going to sleep around midnight, crazy Saturday, I know :-)

Sunday was more of the same. Wake up, have some cereal, go to the gym, grab coffee ,etc. I was well within my points for the day though, and even got to have a mini brownie sundae as well. Sometimes it pays off to have a small lunch, even though I was starving by the time dinner came around :-)

All in all, a pretty good weekend! I did drink a bit, but I combated it with healthy meal choices, and getting in my activity. I have a very busy week ahead of me, so I'm glad I got in activity while I could!

Here's whats up
Monday- Gym time, going shopping with M to finish making him into an adult and finding work clothes :-) (he hates when I call it him growing up, but it makes me laugh!)
Tuesday- I'm going to try and get in a quick workout, and then heading to my sisters concert
Wednesday- Red Sox game with my mom and 2 /3 sisters, our Mother's day present.
Thursday- quiet night, complete with gym time and watching the office finale with M :-)

So i will still get in my 4 (hopefully 5) days of workout this week. And thankfully, I have no money till Friday (thanks ridiculous car payment/me trying to save as much as humanly possible for the moveout), so I won't be tempted to buy food at the game, and will eat beforehand :-)

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