Friday, May 20, 2011

I realized today

I am going to kick ass at maintaining. Seriously :-)

I was down .4 today, and I Know what you're going to say, so don't even say it. (a loss is a loss). I'm happy I lost, really I am. But it's so frustrating to have seen the 4's all week, and end at 205 even. I weigh in daily, even though I know I shouldn't. But it keeps me going, keeps me accountable. Ahh well, I am going to do just as well this week, and hopefully see a nice low number next week :-)

That said, I think I had a pretty good week :-)
-I kept my drinking to a moderate amount
-I worked out 4 times, burning 2650 calories in total
- I ran 2.6 miles without walking last night (my total was 3 even with warm up and cool down)
-I ran 3.2 with walking Monday night (my total was 3.5 with warm up and cool down)
-I resisted ballpark food and drink (mainly because of the cost. 8 bucks for a beer, really Fenway?)
-I only had one beer last night, even though M tried to tempt me to have 2 (that bastard)

Things I could have done better:
-I have this weird feeling that I could have tracked better.  I'm going to work on being more honest this week.
- I had dessert 4 times this week. And I'm pretty sure that only one of those times was due to hunger or a craving. The rest of them were out of habit/because everyone else was doing it. Which is dumb.
-I need to pretrack my meals. End of story.
But, overall I had a good week WW wise. I think the fact that I had dessert, a salty dinner, and a beer may be influencing my body to gain. I'm going to go with that :-)

This week here is my plan:
-Work out both Saturday and Sunday- one can be a lighter workout. A video, a walk, etc. The other I want to go to the gym. shouldn't be too hard.
-Work out Monday Wednesday and Thursday- if I work out both days over the weekend, then I can take Thursday off if needed
-Track Everything. Ahead of time if possible.
-Focus on portion sizes. Something I've been slowly let slip lately!

Happy Friday! Hopefully the sun comes out at some point!

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  1. thats more than i've lost in awhile!! good job. i like the font on your blog!