Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Positives and Negatives

Overall, my weekend went pretty well. M and I had plans to go hiking Saturday, but we got a bit distracted, because someone (Me) got drunk on Friday (off four beers. FOUR. I don't even want to tell you how many it used to take me, I'm quickly becoming a lightweight), and somehow, somewhere, dropped my phone. I was so sad, and embarrassed, and angry. It was going to cost me a 90 dollar deductable, but I ended up getting my old phone working somehow, so I'm using that :-) It's slow, and glitchy and I remember why I hated it so much, but hey, it's a phone, it works, that's all I can ask for. :-)

I did manage to have good days on Saturday and Sunday, staying in my points,eating healthy meals, and getting in my activity (even though we didn't hike on Saturday, I ended up playing outside with the little boy I babysit for. 2 hours of running after a 3 year old should definetly give me something! haha) and having a really good workout on Sunday, even though while running my stomach started to cramp up for no reason at all. Grr...

I also decided to give running outside a go again on Monday. Again, it was awesome :-) Maybe it's just that beach, haha. I ran 2.47 miles in about 35 minutes. Slower than I normally would in a 5K, (my time was 42 for the full 3.2) but I did take a 3 minute break halfway to try and work out the shin pain I was having, and I walked in the begining and end. So I should have no problem working that extra mile up :-) I'm definetly going to start running outside more too, Maybe 1-2 times a week. I can't help but really like it more, it's very peaceful and I feel so accomplished by the end of it :-)

After my awesome run I went out to dinner with a friend of mine, which was another victory. I got the chicken philly, which is basically chicken and cheese with fries, but it is amazing :-) I only ate 2/3 of it, and about half my fries, so I didn't do a terrible amount of damage. with the two beers I had over the course of 3 hours of good conversation, I only put myself over my dailies by 10, which I definetly had to use. It was a really nice night. This is a friend who up until a drunken meltdown a month ago we hadn't really talked much, and had definetly moved away from one another a lot. It was nice to be able to talk again like old times, and be honest with one another, it was a good time :-)

Unfortunetly, it was followed by my worst allergy episode in a long time. I normally get sinus infections about 2X a year. this was different.

My throat was swollen, I was exhausted, I couldn't stop sneezing and blowing my nose. It sucked, really bad. I feel better today, after a night full of allergy meds, gossip girl, and Friday Night Lights with M(he did not participate in the first two. The boy would not be caught dead watching gossip girl, sadly)

But thankfully, unlike most times I'm sick, I didn't just eat everything in sight. I ate full meals, and honestly wasn't that hungry. I did treat myself to a raspberry lime rickey, but hey, I had like 8 points left for the day :-)

So WI on Friday, and I'm hoping for something. I've been good this week, gotten two good workouts in (with two more planned), and a weekend full of babysitting (two different families, lots of money!), which leaves little room for the temptation to fall off plan :-)

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