Monday, May 9, 2011

What's this? An OP weekend?

I have my lack of going out to thank for this, but yes, I am going to say that I had the most OP weekend in a long time!

My reasons:
-I did not drink at all on Friday night. I just didn't feel like it after babysitting, and M was already drunk at that point, so instead of grabbing a beer, I just said nah, and had some water :-)
- I brought chili with me to heat up while babysitting, instead of eating out. I also brought a bag of Munchies, which back in the day I would have easily demolished. I am proud to say that I ate about 1/4 of the bag, and realized I was very full. Which for me is huge! I have this bad trait that on nights I'm not drinking or going out, I tend to over eat or overindulge, just because I feel like I have all those extra points. Bad bad thought process.
-I was in a terrible mood on Saturday, mainly due to something that happened on Friday night, but instead of eating my feelings, I went to Hannafords, grabbed  a chobani and a banana, and headed over to the gym with Matt. I had a great workout and felt so much better afterwards!
- I had a big lunch (read 10oz burger with fries), but I portioned out my fries, and only ate half the burger. I was so full afterwards, but didn't feel like I overdid it by any means.
- Due to my large lunch, I had a small dinner of pasta with salad. It was tasty, filling, and low point. I also had 2 beers later on in the night, but only ended up over my points by 5.
- Sunday I made an omelet, munched, and tracked everything. I only went over by 1 point, and was proud that even though I didn't workout I still tracked everything, and took a much needed nap :-)

All in all, a good weekend :-) I brought leftover roasted turkey for lunch today, and am feeling good about the rest of the week :-)

My only problem this week is getting in workout times. But I think I may have it figured out :-)
Tonight I have a dentist appointment, and then am babysitting. The kid is going to get sick of me :-) He was really fussy on Saturday, because his allergies are bothering him. He took forever to go to bed, and then woke up at midnight wailing and coughing. It was so sad to see him so hurt :-(

If I get out of my dentist appointment by 630, I may try and do the 30 day shred for a fast workout, just to get in some quality time. While I'm happy I had a rest day yesteday, I also feel a bit guilty, because it makes getting in a good workout this week that much harder!

Tuesday night  I am planning on going to the gym for a half hour of cardio, just to get something in (every little bit counts, right?. It'll make things rushed, but I'm confident that I can do it!M and I are going to Pizzeria Regina in the North End to celebrate his new job. I'm really excited, it'll be our first real date night out in awhile :-) I'm going to eat lightly all day to prep, but I have so many weeklies left, so I'm not too worried about enjoying myself. I loove their pizza, and have never actually eaten there, so I'm excited :-)

Pizza: my ultimate vice

Wednesday and Thursday I will also hit the gym, or maybe try and run outside/do a video one of those days! Either way I hope to hit 35 APs this week, if not more :-)

Hopefully  I stay on this track! I'm really enjoying how I've felt these past few weeks. Strong, empowered, and most of all, healthy. I've done everything in my life with my weight loss in mind. Even the not so great things. I've really adapted the make a mistake, pick up, and move on from it approach, which was really hard for me even a month ago. Here's hoping it sticks!

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