Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday!!

It is indeed a happy Friday! The sun is shining, I just took the nicest walk to CVS to buy stamps, and enjoyed every second of it.

5 Things I'm happy about today!

1. Another Loss!
I lost 1.2 today, bringing me down to 205.4. When I first weighed in it read 204.0, and I double checked just to make sure, and it went up to 205. I was a little bummed, thanks to my tricky scale! but totally pumped about a loss!! 5.4 to go till I hit 200!

2. I Won!!
 The lottery that is! Now don't get too excited, I only matched my last 3 numbers, so it was 300, not the thousands it could have been, and technically half of it is M's, so we are putting it towards our first month's rent. But hey, I won the freaking lottery! I never win!

Every week M and I each play once, same numbers. Our deal is if either of us wins, the other gets half. So that is why half is technically his. I won't lie though, I responded to his text that I had won saying that he really shouldn't have told me this while I was at the mall... Just to freak him out a little bit :-P

3. Awesome Runs
I had a killer run yesterday. I was going to go to the gym, per usual, but it was so nice outside, after days of rain, and I felt like I could use a good run.

So I went to the pope park, and ran for 45 minutes looking out onto this:
I mapped it out today, and my total was 2.76 miles, including my 5 minute warm up, a 3 minute walk to work out a cramp halfway through, and a one minute walk to refill my water.
Not too shabby if you ask me :-)

4. Red Sox games on a Friday night

 I know, I know, they haven't been too great, with the "amazing" offense under performing, and the awesome pitching, well, not pitching awesome at all. But those guys still have a place in my heart, and I'm confident most of them ( I honestly don't hold much hope for John Lackey. I hate his attitude and the fact that he can give up 7-8 runs and have the balls to say he pitched well) will get up to where they should be :-)

And seriously, what is more exciting than a Red Sox Yankees series, anyways?

I'm so looking forward to sitting back with a beer tonight, and watching the game :-)

5. Funny Dog Videos on youtube

 Because really, sometimes you just need to laugh:

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