Sunday, May 1, 2011

Financial Goals- April

Hit 7400 in Savings (500 going in for tax return)- I'm only at 7400 (6015 in my account plus the 1400 I lent my mom), so I'm doing ok. I also paid off my credit card and one of my loans, so I consider this month to have been a success!

Car insurance110
car payment: 223
Phone: 95
groceries Goal: 150- lets try and spend 30 less this month
147 so I was within. Next month my focus will be on getting even lower!
Gas: Goal:160 (about 40 a week)
154, so I was within this!

entertainment: Goal: Try for 20 again -
Try 0! woohoo!
Alcohol and Bars:Goal:80 -
88, a little over, but not terrible. My goal next month is to withdraw cash and not spend over that. Debit cards and bars are a dangerous combo!
Clothing : 30 -14. I did spend more than this, but I used cash, so I don't count it :-)
Health and Beauty: 35-32.Not bad, but I wish it were less, I don't think it's necessary  to spend that much at cvs
Resaurants: 20- 17, so i was well within my means!
Travel : 20 -11, I was good about not taking cabs
Cash : 70- withdrew 100, so i could have been better about this, especially where my spending elsewhere didn't go down!
Coffee Shop- 20-32. Somewhere to improve! I gotta quit those trips to Marylou's!

Actual: 1023

Not bad, but with my loans starting up and me hoping to move out, I need to be more careful, and cut out all the little things that aren't necessary. I'm really going to work on this this month. If I don't need it, I'm not going to buy it!

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  1. I should start keeping track like you do!!