Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Traveler's Tuesday

Something I don't mention on here much is that I love to travel. I love cities, and countryside. Historical places, and exploring the nightlife and culture of a city. One time in my life I will always remember was my trip to Barcelona. We left at 4am November 1, after being out till 1 on Halloween. I was exhausted, and needed a nap before we went exploring. I went with two girls, both very nice. One of them was not a big drinker (which I knew, and was fine with) and the other was a bit more like me, where she drank but wasn't a crazy partier.

We came across a major issue while traveling together that we probably should have talked about beforehand, and that was the fact that the girl who didn't drink would get really annoyed when I would suggest going out at night. She would claim that we were "making this trip all about drinking", which wasn't true at all. I think it is just as important to enjoy the nightlife of a city as it is to enjoy the museums and the sights. If you just sightsee during the day and go back to your hostel during the night, well you aren't really getting a feel for the city, and you aren't really enjoying the culture, especially in a place like Barcelona where so much of their culture is based in drinking, dancing, and socializing.

We ended up compromising, and having a blast (I seriously saw more sights in Barcelona than I did anywhere else!), but I'll always remember how strange I thought that was. I in no way fault people for not wanting to drink or party, especially if they still socialize and have a good time. But she made me feel judged for wanting to go out while traveling, and I will never understand that. But oh well :-) To each their own, I say. I am happy to report that while the nightlife scene wasn't for me (too club-esque), We went out, and experienced it for ourselves, and it was worth it :-)

So on this overcast, dreary Tuesday, I found myself (for whatever reason) thinking about my trip to Barcelona. I haven't really talked about my traveling much, mainly because I haven't really been anywhere since Toronto in 08. But it is a huge part of me, as the months I spent abroad were some of the best of my life, and I want to share them in some way, and "relive" them, in a sense.

And hopefully, soon I'll have more recent trips to share :-)

Barcelona Olympic Stadium. Seriously my favorite part. and there's me!
The best part of Barcelona was that for 10 euros we rented bikes for a day, and biked around the city. Such an awesome experience, but really limited the amount of pictures I took :-)

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