Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 51 and Points Plus

down 1.8! I achieved my goal of hitting the 210's by the end of March, and truly feel back on track. You can see, the last four weks I have found my stride, and aren't as stagnated as February was.

I've found my balance.and for that I'm proud of myself, because it's half the battle. Points Plus is a great system, but it took me awhile to find the balance between good and bad, in order to be successful on it.

I started out the month at 214.8. I had a 2 pound loss in February, and know it was because I was cheating myself and not following WW as much as I should have. (which I admitted numerous times in this blog, haha).

I overcame nights out, a trip to Mohegan Sun, and an illness to lose 4.4 pounds this month. I'm back into my workout routine, and loading up on healthy meals to combat the not so healthies. I have always been so anti setting WL goals for myself by the scale, but I truly think it kept me OP and focused on my goal, and I am now a convert :-)

I posted that Then and Now segment on Wednesday more for myself than anything else. The difference between myself a year ago and today is amazing. And not just by looks. I'm such a different person internally, I truly want to be healthy, for myself now. Not just so I lose weight and look good, etc. It's a nice feeling! Last night my sister came home with a chicken and pepper pizza from her work, and I had already prepped my dinner (leftovers). I ate my cup of pasta with veggies, and my snow peas, and then ate a slice of the pizza. Just one slice, and I only used 2 weeklies. It was definetly worth it, and I didn't feel bad afterwards.

Sorry to gush, I know it sounds silly, but I am really proud of myself. I know I can do this! I am 2.4 pounds away from hitting my 50 mark. I am hoping to hit this Mid April, and  I am well on my way to hitting 200 by the end of May. For the month of April, I am setting a goal of getting to 205. even if it's 205.8, I don't care :-)
But enough of that :-)

I had a quiet week, and it was well needed, let me tell you. Tonight is my friend J's 25th birthday, so I am meeting her, our other friend and some of her work friends for drinks, and then meeting up with  M when he gets out of work. Tomorrow night I'm babysitting, which is a great way to stay OP!  haha I should get activity points for babysitting this little guy, he's a ball of energy!

My Plan for the week:
-Make good choices- I have to eat out tonight, as I won't have time to eat before I head in town, and don't want to drink on an empty stomach. I am going to review the menu prior, and make my choice a decent one :-)
- Limit my drinks to Tonight and maybe one during the week. I've done well having a few on Friday nights, and then staying soberish the rest of the week.
-Go to the gym Saturday and Sunday, in addition to Monday Wednesday and Thursday. I am going to focus on doing lighter workouts, more often to limit the amount of strain on my knee.
-Compliment the bad with the good :-)  For every not so healthy choice, make a healthy one :-)

I took last night off from the gym because my knee has been hurting me since Tuesday's run. The treadmill stopped abruptly (no idea why), and I landed weird, giving me shin splints and a sore knee. I iced it and have been applying ice hot, along with IB Profen. Hopefully the two days off helps :-) I am going to stick with low impact workouts for Satuday, and maybe Sunday too, depending on how I feel. The knee is nothing to mess with :-)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Looks like you have a plan that will help you get threw week and weekend. Like Ali from the BL titled her book.BELIEVE IT, BE IT. You are doing great. KEEP IT GOING.