Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend and Race Recap

Happy Monday! While I hate loosing an hour, I loved that yesterday was daylights savings for no reason other than when I left the movie theater at 7, it was still light outside!!

Lets recap. After my surprise loss on Friday, I focused on healthy eating throughout the weekend. I had an awesome piece of schrod for dinner on Friday night, and paired it with one of those ceasar salad in a bag meals that my  mom made. She only used on packet of dressing for 2 bags, so it was perfect :-) I'm pretty sure I overcounted the points for it, but regardless it was a delicious light meal.

I then met up with M, and we drank a few beers, (read: two) and went to this bar in Quincy Center, called the Fat Cat.

I LOVE the Fat Cat. I get takeout from there all the time, just because they have the most amazing burgers, sandwiches, and hand cut fries. The rest of their menu is spectacular too, it's by far the nicest bar in quincy. My only issue with it is it is too small. The bar area is always packed, as is the restaurant, so we ended up standing, which I was ok with :-).

I had a martini to start
(sorry for the terrible lighting, my blackberry really didn't do it justice)

It was delicious. Raspberry vodka, peach liquor, and a splash of cranberry and oj. Well worth every point :-) I followed this with a beer, and then M and I headed out. Right as we were finishing our second drink, a really nice guy next to us offered us his seat, as he and his wife were leaving. I told him we were heading out, but thanks for the offer (a lot of people don't do that).

 As they stood up these 2 girls came storming past us (which was very hard in this bar might I tell you).
Saying "EXCUSE me, move please, cmon (insert name here) Cut these two off!!" and swooped into the seats as the couple was bearly out of them.

I was a bit shocked at how rude they were, and since I had a few drinks in me I really wished that we were staying, just so I could have told them so:-) As we looked at them, we saw they were at least 30 (they looked very much older). I'd expect that from some 21 year old who's never been to a bar before, but really? You've been drinking in bars for years, I'd assume, learn some ettiquette. That's one thing I hate, is in a busy bar when you've patiently been standing in an area, waiting for a seat to open up, and someone tries to swoop in and steal it from you. I just think that is so rude and childish.
Rant over, I promise. That just really irritated me.

The rest of the night was nice :-) I had to drive home so I didn't drink much at the next bar, instead watched M and our friends get drunk and delve into deep discussions :-) I was starving when we left the bar,  as was M, so we stopped at Wendy's on the way home :-( We split a small fry, a snack wrap and a small cheeseburger. still a point suck, but much better then back in the day when we would each eat all that, and then some :-)

Saturday was a lazy morning, followed by a busy afternoon of driving around, picking things up and meetings :-) M and I had a late lunch at this great Mexican place near my house. I had a buy one get one free coupon, and they have such awesome lunch specials that the meal ended up being only 7 bucks each, after tip! Not too shabby :-) I ordered the chicken fajitas, and loaded them up with salsa and veggies . Plus I only ate two, and gave my leftovers to M to eat for dinner later on, I was proud of myself :-)

While I didn't make it to the gym on Saturday (I was still feeling sniffly) I did take my dog for a nice long walk, and babysat for an adorable 2.5 year old boy, which I think should have been worth some APs :-)

Sunday was race day :-) I woke up at 9, got ready and met M to take the train in town. I brought my purse and such with me, as my sisters were driving in with my mom, so the plan was for M and I to leave our stuff with her. Bad plan, because I didn't take into account my family's inability to plan/be on time. ever.

My mom didn't know she was bringing my sisters, she thought she was going to meet us at the finish line. So long story short they left late and got lost in Somerville, as most of the roads leading to Davis were blocked off. One of my sisters got out of the car and ran over to Davis, and started the race late. The other just went home with my mom. It was panicky and awful, and I had to run with my purse, and M with his backpack.

Since I had some troubles with my training, and had been sick all week, I didn't expect this race to be a good one, so I started to run, and after about 3 minutes said to myself, why?

So I walk/ran it. I am totally fine with that, and am over it. I was really irritated though, and vowed to never put myself in this position again. From now on I'm going to buy a little pack and wear it while I run. And I'm not going to do another race until I'm ready. :-) M finished in 27 minutes, which is awesome considering his backpack had to have weighed about 10 pounds.

We all agreed afterwards that it wasn't our favorite race. Besides all the drama, I wasn't a big fan of the course itself. Granted, I've only done one race prior, but the Milton one was so peaceful and scenic, and I think just the knowledge that it was for charity made it a lot of fun. M overheard these girls laughing at him for running with a backpack, which makes me think that a lot of people must have been mocking me as well. I realize we probably looked stupid, but seriously? Way to make us feel bad about an already crappy situation.

either way, we did it, we probably won't do it again next year, but it was an experience :-)

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