Monday, March 7, 2011

Epic Failure

Ok... that may be an exaggeration. But I definitely failed a lot this weekend. Where to start...
  • Friday night, I actually won't consider a failure. I had a kick-ass workout, scarfed down 2.5 slices of pizza (hey, I could have done worse) and had a really nice time out with friends. Unforuntely we went out for Margaritas, which obviously aren't exactly point friendly, but I chose ones made with lime juice, (skinny girl style), which definitely saved me a lot of points. We also split an app dish, which I had more of the chips and dip side of than the deep fried good ness. Not the best night out WW wise, but I definitely could have been worse.
  • Saturday for lunch I had a BBQ chicken pita before we left. My friends stopped at BK, so I was happy I had made my choice to grab lunch early on. but that is where the good things end.
    • I had at least 7 drinks, because my feet hurt so I was trying to combat that with drinking extra. goddamn
    • I did dance, a lot. which is good, right? But I always had a drink in my hand and definitely didn't stop when I should have.
    • 3 slices of pizza for dinner, and then one when we got back to the hotel. awesome
    • we stopped for friendlies on the way home to eat something. my seemingly healthy choice of toast, an omelete, and home fries equalled out to 27 points. this was mainly the toast and the omellette (in my defense, I didn't eat the whole thing, as it was gross, and I scraped as much butter off the toast as I could. So it may have been less)
    • Obviously I had a decent sized dinner, and dessert. Because why stop
So it could have been worse, but the facts remain that I definitely went a little crazy. The casino was fun, but I'm not sure I'd wanna go again. I didn't like the smoking inside,drinks were expensive, and insanely difficult to come by, and it was so big, it was impossible to find any tables with games we'd recognize. Sigh. but hey, it was an experience. Sadly my feet are all torn up, so working out is difficult. but I'm going to do a video tonight, and the gym wed and thurs, and try to run outside on saturday, to gear up for the 5K on sunday!

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