Friday, March 4, 2011

How To Stay On Track When Life Gets In The Way

Disclaimer:  I am far from an expert in this. In fact, I almost always end up splurging when "events" happen. This is my attempt to make a game plan, and hopefully have a decent weekend.

Anyways, the past few weeks have been pretty quiet for me. I've limited my drinking, and *tried* to be a good little WW'er. Like a lot of times, it seems like I go from having quiet weekends with nothing going on to everything happening at once. This coming weekend is no different.

Friday night I am going out for apps and drinks with 2 friends, one of whom was my roomate when we were abroad, and I haven't seen since July. I'm wicked pumped, but realize that drinks and apps are a bad combination.

Then saturday night, a night months in the making, I am heading down to Mohegan Sun for a friends birthday.

I went to Mohegan once, when I was 19. I went to hang out with my future roommate for the day, and that ngiht she brought me to mohegan with her friends for dinner before I headed back to Boston. She turned out to be a nightmare, but I thought it was the coolest thing, haha.

We are renting a hotel room nearby, doing pizza for dinner (which I can make work), and heading to the casino for drinks and gambling :-) I'm so excited, it's going to be a blast. But It's going to be pointy, and probably a bit expensive.

So how am I planning to work the plan, and have fun this weekend? Heres what I've planned:
>Workout tomorrow night after work. No Exceptions.
>On Friday, offer to drive, that way I HAVE to limit my number of drinks, and by association I'm limiting my drunk eating.  No one likes a drunk driver. Especially when it's me :-) It'll help me focus on hanging out with my friends and enjoying myself, while chugging water :-)
>Also on Friday, eat something small prior. And eat light all day, that way if the apps of choice are nachos or something equally fried and delicious, I can partake without hating myself the next day
>Utilize personal plates:
         For the longest time when I would share food with friends, I would just eat from the big dish, and never use the small one. Why? I have no idea, but I've found since using the small dishes, I eat less and get fuller faster. It's common sense, but it'll be a savior this weekend.

For Saturday:
>Eat a light but filling lunch, that way I'm not famished when dinner rolls around.
>No drunk eating, even though my friends are all about it normally. If it does occur, stick with tortilla chips, and non fried food. And keep track.
>DANCE. It's a great way to burn off extra calories.
>Don't feel like you always have to be drinking something. This is my biggest problem when we go out, I always feel like I have to get another drink immediately. It's so dumb. My biggest problem is that I try to get drunk, when I should be more focused on having fun with my friends.

And follow my recently adopted mantra:
If I don't like the taste, don't eat or drink it

Remember college, when you would chug down a beer, or a mixed drink, and complain with your friends about how gross it was? I recently had the revelation that if I don't like the way something tastes, then I shouldn't eat or drink it (especially drink). so if someone offers a drink up, or I get a drink that doesn't taste good, I'm not going to waste the points on drinking it. And if I can't handle another drink, I'm not going to order a light beer just to have a drink. I've done this way too many times, and I hate light beer, so why do it?

I'm prepared to use up most of my WP this weekend, it happens, and I have been pretty good lately. I also had a 1.4 loss today, which is awesome and really inspires me to want to be good! Case in point, I just went into the lunchroom craving chips, when someone complimented me on my outfit. I walked away without said chips , and couldn't be happier.I just have to keep telling myself They aren't worth it. They aren't worth it. They aren't worth it...

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