Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Good Morning Bloggers! I've been waiting for 2 months now for this day to come. After a January and February riddled with disgusting snow storms, shoveling, and just plain being cold, to me, the begining of March is the begining of the end. I know there will probably be more snow, more cold, etc. But eventually, the tides will turn. It will get warmer, and the days will get longer. I can't wait 8-)

I ended February in decent WW fashion. After a .2 loss on Friday, I went on to  have a quiet weekend with minimal drinking, relatively healthy eating, and working out both Saturday and Sunday. Friday night I made Taco bowls, taken from emilybites.com which were delicious, but I overcooked the shell just a little bit. I'll know better for next time. M and I layed low, watched some tv shows and drank a few beers. It was nice, quiet, and relaxing.

Satuday morning we got up and went to the gym for an hour. I had a great workout that I mainly focused on strength, which was a nice switchup since I normally start with cardio and then do strength, so I definitely felt like I got a different type of workout in, while still doing some  cardio at the end. Unfortunetly due to a surprising 19 point Panera lunch (in my defense, I was starving, and everything looked so good!), my points went fast on Saturday, and I went over by a decent amount. This was coupled with my dad and sister coming back from Ireland on Saturday, bringing with them stories, pictures, and of course, delicious candies, chocolates, and biscuts. My sister was telling me how she tried to find me a banoffe muffin (my favorite), but couldn't find one for under 3 bucks. It's for the best really, I don't even want to think about how many points one of those suckers are ;-)

Saturday night was another low key evening, spent shopping with a friend. I found some awesome sales, and used my christmas gift cards. For 8.54 cents out of my pocket I purchased: A gorgeous pair of pumps, a grey linen prarie style dress, a cute ruffly top, a green top, and, my first pair of skinny jeans. In a size 16 (eat your heart out), that actually looked pretty damn good on :-) Thank goodness for gift cards!

Sunday was a lazy day, which involved me waking up at 1045, eating my mom's french toast (awesome, and only 6 points by my calculation), and then lying back in bed and falling asleep for 2 hours.

I needed that nap, I've been so busy the past few weekends, and had so much going on in life lately, with so little sleep, that I was in dire need of a lazy sunday with a 2 hour nap :-) After this I got up, went to the gym with the sisters where I had another good workout (mainly cardio based), and felt accomplished.

So there you have it. A quiet weekend, with lots of activity and solid WW behavior (for the most part, anyways).  Even with my minor indulgences, I limited myself. I didn't go crazy with the chocolates, or snacking. And the candy went fast, so it's not even around to tempt me anymore! I'm hoping my excessive activity and decent WW ways (even my slip ups were combated with healthy meals) translates into a decent loss this week. My goal is to stay within my points for the rest of the week.

Moving on, For March, I'm going to make some goals. I have been doing mini "challenges" in one of my pages, but I feel like posting a blog about it will make it more "real". So for March I want to
-Earn 150 APs. Last month I earned around 140, which is awesome for me. So I feel like this is definitely attainable
-Be at or around 211. Last month I lost 2.8 pounds. Which is great, but I know that a lot of the times I acted like I wasn't on WW, and could have done better. I think setting a weight loss goal (you will notice that most of my goals are for Activity or eating habits, not actual pounds loss), will keep me more on track. I want to be at least 4 pounds down. If not more.
-Track everything I eat. Stop snacking standing up. Even if that cookie is going to set me over my dailies, efffing track it! I only hurt myself when I do this. Also work at tracking ahead of time, so I don't go over as much :-)
-Focus on GHGs. I actually did a decent job of this last month. I started a multi vitamin. I began to ingest my oils more. I always get my 5 servings and waters in. I want to make it so I hit all of them 5-7 days a week, wihtout it being a hassle. Lets make it a second nature type ordeal.
-Limit my drinking to 2X a week, and my indulgences to 3X. That means a lot of resistance, but it's worth it!
-Run the 5K in under 42. 42:30 was my time last time, and I know I could have done better. I walked a decent portion of it, and got winded really easily. I didn't realize how different running outside was compared to the treadmill. My goal this time is to do at least one outdoor run, and make sure I bring water with me, because that really hurt me with the last one.

I think those are all attainable goals to make for this month. I'll check back in April 1 and see how I do!

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