Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So I've been pretty good the last few days. Even last night I indulged in abeer, declined the second one and still stayed within my points for the day. I've tracked every little thing, and been somewhat good.

I've also been exhausted, and had minimal appetite. And then today my nose started flowing. And my head got achy, my eyes watery, and I realized why I've felt so off lately: I've been getting sick.

I have always been a relatively healthy person. I have my off days, but I really only get sick 2 times a year. Once around my birthday and once in the spring. It's always sinus related. And it always sucks. I'm hoping that by skipping working out tonight, resting, and going to sleep early with the help of nyquill I can ward off this and feel better tomrorow, and more importantly better by the race Sunday.

I'll tell you something though. Being sick Is. The. Worst.

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