Friday, March 18, 2011

SV And a fun surprise!

Week 50! and I lost .8, bringing me down to 212.2. I really want to be in the 210s by the end of the month, which I think is doable (I have 2 more WI's, technically). I am going to be super OP this week. My gameplan
  • make a healthy lo mein tonight with M (we got this awesome recipie, I'm really excited!)
  • have a few drinks tonight, since that will probably be it for the week
  • pack my fancy new gym bag tonight so that I have no excuse to go to the gym tomorrow morning while M is sleeping (or if he wants to join me that's cool too!)
  • spend sunday in a more relaxed state: I have so much cleaning to do, in my room and my car, so sunday I really want to focus on this. Hence my want to gym on Saturday instead! Take a walk with Toby for some light exercise
  • Head to the gym Monday Wednesday and Thursday, maybe do a video Tuesday if I feel up to it!)
  • Get more fruits and veggies for work! My lunches next week will be healthy chicken parm pitas, which will be awesome and filling!
I think if I follow all that, I'll definitely see a great number on the scale!

I headed to old navy last night after the gym. It's the Gap Give and Get weekend, so I figured I'd take advantage of the 30% off and get some new clothes! I desperately needed them. All my jeans are baggy and shlubby looking, not to mention I haven't bought a new pair in over a year! I fit comfortably into a pair of 16s, and am proud to say that I was able to pull up and button a pair of 14s! Still a bit too tight, but I'm excited that hopefully in a few weeks I can buy another pair of jeans ina  14, for the first time in possibly forever. The last time I could possibly fit into a 14, I was like 10 and still shopping in juniors.

I also got a really cute sundress, a sports bra that was on sale, some new tank tops, because all of mine are baggy, and a really cute teal duffle bag that is perfect for the gym! No longer will I be digging through my black bag for my stuff! Yay!

I came home to a dinner of chicken and salad, and these waiting on my bed:
back in January M and I waited for 2 hours in an online "line" to buy red sox tickets the day they came out, and they finally came yesterday! We ended up getting two games, one in April and one in September. I'm so excited, and what's more, they basically costs as much as 1 pair costed us last year, since we bought them through stub hub.

Definitely a sign of things to come :-) April in general is going to be a fun month. One of our favorite bands just announced they are doing a show at the house of blues, so we are definetly going to that (I think we may buy tickets next week). Plus it means official warm weather, flip flops, ahh I can't wait!!

Happy Weekend :-)


  1. We got our Sox Tickets too & it makes me sooooo excited for the summer time at Fenway!! Luckily we only waited about 1 hour online this year, years past weve waited 12+ hours!

    Go Sox!!

  2. 12 hours! wow I'm glad I only had to wait two haha

    And I totally agree even though our games are in April and September, I LOVE the feeling of being outside at fenway watching the games, it epitomizes summer :-)