Friday, March 11, 2011


So my cold only worsened, and I ended up staying home from work yesterday. I was feverish, lightheaded and dizzy, and congested up the wazoo. I spent my day in a nyquill induced sleep (LOVE Nyquill, by the by. It gives me the weirdest dreams, but I always wake up feeling just a little bit better), and watching all of season 2 of Parks and Rec. I wish I had tried this show sooner, it's so funny! I initially wrote it off as an Office wannabe, but I was wrong, it's hilarious.

I'm still sniffly, but I'm probably operating at like 75%, where yesterday I would put myself at 50%. I still feel shaky from time to time, but overall I'm better, and more importantly functional!

Unfortunetly, after my wild-ish weekend, I was really looking forward to undoing some of the damage through two workouts on Wednesday and Thursday. I wish now that I had worked out on Tuesday night, but ahh well. I stayed home from the gym Wednesday night, and obviously I didn't go yesterday.

I also didn't give a flying fuck about WW yesterday, and consumed (est)
a british muffin with butter (they are from trader joes. Basically English muffins but I love that they are called british muffins and insist that they taste better :-) )
Turkey gumbo soup with a french roll
approx. 4TBSP of peanut butter with club crackers
chicken brocolli alfredo
a taste of tapiocca pudding
 a mini skinny cow cup of ice cream.

not too shabby for a girl who can't really taste anything, huh? So I had pretty much given up hope of maintainting on my weigh in, and planned on taking the gain like a champ and moving on.

So Imagine my surprise when the scale read 213, a full 1.8 down. I had to reweigh myself to make sure I didn't see it wrong. Does this mean I'm going to gain next week? Or maybe I should start eating more of my weeklies? who knows. I'm going to attribute it to three things:
1. I didn't work out as much as I have been lately (2X as opposed to 4-5X), So I'm probably retaining less water
2. I didn't eat that badly. I tracked everything and still have 3 APs left.
3. Perhaps my body needed a shake up

Either way, I'm not complaining. It does suck being sick this close to the race though. I'm focused on getting better, and worse case scenario is I walk more than I run. Which isn't the worse thing in the world. I'm already looking up races in May and June to try :-P

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