Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Then and Now

1 Year ago

Then (end of March,2010):
-I thought I was dieting, and "following" WW- in reality, I was cheating, and still eating the cookies, ice cream, candy, pizza, chinese food, and all my other triggers with no sense of restraint or caution. They weren't treats- they were every day parts of my diet.
-I was half tracking, and still operating under the mindset that if I don't track it, it didn't happen.
-I refused to stop drinking as much as I was- 3,4 times a week having margaritas, martinis, and of course Beer.
-My workouts were scattered at best. I would have a good week and workout 3X, and then make excuses for myself and not work out at all.
-I was not pushing myself in those workouts, just serving my time on the treadmill/eliptical
-Portion Control? What's that?
-I was putting my social life and my fun times over my health and well being. I wasn't making my Weight Loss Journey a priority.

about 2 weeks ago
 NOW (Picture is from begining of March, 2011):
-I am stricker at limiting my indulgences. Especially sweets.
-I track EVERYTHING, even if I don't want to, and tell myself I won't . I have developed this guilt that makes me go back and do it anyways.
-I've cut my drinking down to 1-2, sometimes 3 times a week. and only one of those is more than 2 drinks at most. I have cut down on my binge drinking/ drink till I get sick nights. I now drink for the pleasure, and only drink stuff I like the taste of. Not just cheap beer because it's there. Of course I have the occasional margarita and fancy drink, but they are special occasions :-)
-After I got back from Florida, I started my workouts at 2X per week. After 2 months I upped that to 3X a week, and now I'm up to 4X a week, sometimes 5 if I have the time.
- I am doing the C25K, and getting my heart rate up high, constantly pushing myself in activities I enjoy.
-While I'm not perfect with portions, I measure 90% of what is put in my mouth. 5% is estimated, and the other 5 is a guess. This is a balance I am happy with, as I am always conscious of how big of a serving I am taking.
-I'm 10 times more likely to say no to something so I can work out, or push plans back, or plan ahead to get my workouts in. I stick to my schedule no matter what (barring awful circumstances and illness).

It's amazing how much can change in a year :-)


  1. Its the habits we change for the better that will improve our lives forever. keep up the good work on a healthy new you!

  2. I love this! Good for you! I did a "Then and Now" post, too!!

    Check it out!!

    Angie :)