Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals

By February 29
Goal 1Earn 100 Aps
Goal 2Loose 3 Pounds
Goal 3Work out 4X a week (20 times in the month
Goal 4Limit Drinking to 2X a week, Dessert over 4  points to 1X a week
Goal 5Try a new activity
How Did I do for January?
Pounds lost: 3.8, probably my highest number in a long time!
Calories Burnt: 6180
Goal 3: 17/20 BUT I did miss a few workouts with my hip the past 2 weeks, so I think I did pretty well considering!
Goal 4: Most weeks I limited my drinking to 2 nights, and my dessert/indulgences have been pretty limited as well! Getting on track helps!

Overall, January was a really good month for my weight loss! I got back on WW, back on track, and feel really good about where I'm at. I hope to achieve at least that if not more in February. It's a slower month, with a lot less going on, so I definetly think it's achievable! I switched my activity goals back to activity points instead of calories, and changed my indulgence goal to limit drinking to 2X a week and desserts over 4 points to 1X a week. Which is fair, because I've found that having a small (2-4 point) dessert at night helps keep my cravings at bay and lets me feel like I'm indulging.

I also added a 5th goal- to try 1 new activity. I would like to buy a groupon deal at least once and try a class, something I've never done before/haven't done in awhile. I think that would be a fun way to get my activity in!

Happy February! As a warmer weather lover, I love when February comes around, because it brings us one step closer to March, which normally brings warmer weather and less chill! Although I can't complain, this winter has been very kind to us so far, and I will take this over the 18+inch snow storms of last year!

Also check out my 10 Things for 2012 page which I updated with January progress!

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