Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Dreaded Food Hangover

Full Disclosure? I indulged A LOT last night. -Healthy Steak and Cheese Subs (so freaking good)
- 2 large glasses of wine
- 1 beer
-1 chocolate chip cookie (which is local! And the nutritional information said they were 50 calories each! woo hoo for delicious low calorie cookies!)
-1.5 blondies (which is a feat in and of itself, because there was a ton leftover.
- homemade potato chips (amazing btw)
-shared dark chocolate orange flavored bar. (likewise amazing)

Ok, so not too terrible now that I look at it, but I feel like it was more (maybe its the wine giving me the hangover feeling haha)

But I have to say, it was the perfect Valentines Day. And you know why? Because It was so free of the stupid pressure you get on Valentines Day. To go out for a fancy meal, or brag about the flowers, presents, chocolates, etc you got from your boyfriend, to prove that he loves you. I let myself get so wrapped up in it last year, it completely ruined the holiday. Who cares what other people know and think about you and your relationship? Facebook/social media is not the end of be all of happiness, and just because I don't post every detail of how much I love said boyfriend, has absolutely no reflection on who we are as a couple, and how happy we are.

In fact, (dare I say it), whenever I see people post on facebook bragging about their relationship, I normally think that it sort of proves they aren't happy. Because they need that validation from others instead of keeping things private, you know? Every friend of mine who has been overtly PDA and showy in her relationship has admitted to me after the fact that there was a lot of problems, and it was more of a cover than anything.

/endrant.and I'm sure there are plenty of people who this doesn't apply to. They just post everything on facebook because they want to, not because they aren't happy. Its just something I've noticed.

I think this past year has been so full of realizations. Of how much I do to please others, instead of doing what makes me truly happy. Of being nervous of what others think of me, instead of just saying screw it and being me. Of putting time and effort and thought into relationships that in reality aren't great, and recognizing that I am not doing my part in the ones that are/could be. I've realized that I need to concern myself with the great things that happen in my life, instead of harping on the bad stuff, if that makes sense.

So last Valentines Day I got caught up in facebook, and all the stress that was going on in life, and ended up causing a fight with Matt, that was stupid and fruitless (over how he doesn't try enough sometimes), especially when he got me gorgeous lillies.

This year? we're using a groupon on Friday as an excuse to go out to eat more than anything. Last night I came home and he had made steak and cheeses with a side of brocolli. I made oven potato chips (which were delicious and I will make them always) and we drank wine and watched Get Him to the Greek. It was seriously so perfect, and exactly what I wanted, a night just the two of us, no pressures or judgement on what we're doing to celebrate. Just us :-)

But enough sappiness, back to reality today. I need to desperately get back on track. I did hit the gym yesterday, but sadly my hip bothered me and my workout sucked as a result. blah blah blah. I'm going home tonight and doing a light cardio video. And yoga. Lots of Yoga. Hopefully this helps me out!

My plan for the rest of the week (Wed-Sunday)
-get in at least 3 workouts (tonight, tomorrow, Friday morning and sunday would be ideal)
-focus on avoiding sugary things (especially in the morning, as its normally a trigger)
- Starting Sunday, week long sugar avoidance will begin!

Happy February 15 everybody :-)

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