Thursday, February 16, 2012

Resisting Temptation

Contrary to what it may seem like sometimes, I do have some parts of the weight loss thing down.

I'm pretty good at remembering what I ate, and being mindful of what I eat (now at least, maybe not back when I started)
I am good at estimating portion sizes, and measuring out foods.
I've gotten a ton better at being honest with myself.

So Why am I not a goal, you may ask? Because there is a huge aspect of my weight loss success that I still struggle with constantly.

Resisting Temptation.  And even worse, I'm the best at convincing myself I need that temptation, to satisfy a craving, or, better yet, because I deserve it.

A great part of weight watchers is that it's flexible. But my biggest problem is I've been counting points and eating like I do normally, and taking treats/snacks when I want them, instead of cutting back. Just because you can eat anything on weight watchers doesn't mean you should eat anything on weight watchers. See the distinction? That is what I'm missing my friends.

I remember my birthday October 2010, I allowed myself to have a pumpkin donut to celebrate. I ate half 1 day and half the next. I hadn't had a donut in so long, because it was on my "not worth it list.

I need to get back to that. To saying no to things, and sticking to my plan. So, for Lent (which starts next Wednesday, isn't that wild?) I've decided it's go big or go home time: I'm giving up multiple things.

They say if you can do something for 21 days consecutively, it becomes a habit. My thought is if I do it for 40 days, at some point my cravings will stop, and the not giving into temptation thing will become a habit. And it's so much easier to say "I'm going to stop doing this", than it is to actually do it. And If I publically announce that I am giving up XYZ for Lent, I feel l will be a lot more compelled to actually do it, if that makes sense.

So, starting Wednesday 2/22/12, I am giving up:
Chocolate (that includes chocolate bars, and chocolate candy)

I am not including ice cream on the list, because that is the one thing I am good at controlling myself with, and find it to be an (actual) good way to control sugary cravings, by having a small serving at night. It may seem like an extensive list, but it's not things I actually need. And I feel like by giving it up for 40 days, I'll stop "needing" it, and be able to enjoy it occasionally without having it be a self destructive thing.

I'm sure I'll have slip ups, but that's part of the process, right? I'm excited for this, and plan on starting to cut down my consumption this weekend, and being mindful of my eating habits.

Because I need to get serious. for real this time.

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