Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Bright Side

Sorry for not posting this past week. To be perfectly honest,I have no excuse, except I was lazy. And tired, and stressed. A lot of changes are possibly happening right now, and it's scary. It's putting myself out of my comfort zone, which I hate doing but at the same time know I need to do more of.

Basically, without getting into too much detail, I'm feeling stuck right now in a lot of ways with my life, and I'm trying to better my situation. Because in reality, only I can. I'll divulge more when everything is more concrete :-)

To start, I have bursitis in my hip (which I think I mentioned). The pain got a lot better ( like I was able to walk haha) but was still nagging and there, you know? I saw the ortho on Monday, he was really great, and fast! They did an X-ray, made sure nothing serious was wrong, and then gave me a cortisone shot, and a prescription for vicodin, and sent me on my way :-)It still hurts a bit, but he told me it could take 3 days for it to fully feel the affects, so I'm assuming feeling a little better is a good sign :-)

He also told me to stay away from most exercise for awhile. Blech. That means no running, or eliptical, or anything repetitive. I can walk, and probably do videos as well. So It'll  be fine. I'm not messing around with this, or trying too soon. I'm taking this week off, and starting sunday I'm going to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill 3 days next week, and then starting up my 10 minute circuit training at home, as it's mostly upper body related.

It was sent to me by a boardie, and I'm really excited about it! I planned on starting before I got sore, so it's long overdue! Here is what it entails!

Bodyweight exercises:

8 pushups-if you can do real pushups, GREAT.  I can't.  So I started with 7 'girl' pushups and 1 'real' pushup.  I'm up to 15:5 now.


20 lunges-10 each leg.  You will notice yourself not going as deep towards the end of this, but keep the lunge as deep as possible.


10 squats.  A basic squat, but make it deep

20 bicycle kicks.  Which look like this:

10 bridge dips. 

After you do those, raise your pelvis back up off the ground and do 10 'butterflies' with your legs.  You are going to feel this in your inner thighs.  Again, making tiny movements and keeping your core very strong, instead of dipping down, you're going to move your knees out then back in.  I'll try and get a video for this too. 


Then you're going to do 10 combos of what you did up above, dip down, up, knees out, knees in, dip down, up, knees out, knees in.  Teeny, tiny movements.  This don't have to be huge for them to be effective.

Also 10x-Laying flat on your back, balance the medicine ball in the air with your legs straight up above you (so you're making a right angle).  I prefer the medicine balls with the handles because it is MUCH easier to hang onto the ball with my feet.  Raise your shoulders off the ground, point, and try to touch the ball with your fingertips WITHOUT moving it closer to you.  So you're essentially doing a crunch, with your legs straight up in the air-but you have the added goal of balancing the ball and trying to eventually tap it with your fingertips.  
Sounds cool, huh? My plan is to start unning again the begining of April and go from there. I'm okay with it, at least I can still get some exercise in. And I'm happy to report I've been awesome about avoiding candy and cookies. I've really focused on my eating and am super proud of that :-)

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