Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Hungry Horrors

first of all, I've been avoiding you blog. Sorry. Full disclosure:

Last Friday's Weigh in: +1.2. Blech.
This weekend- went pretty damn good! I limited my drinking, got a workout in on Sunday (with a nice walk on Saturday), and stuck to my plan.

This week (so far)- not so great. There have been a lot of snacking, chocolates, and candy. I saw a gross number on the scale this morning, which was enough to make me feel bad about myself for about 20 seconds before asking myself "what are you doing Marie?" I also looked chubby but that may have been what I wanted to see (re: pity party)

Anyways, I'm back on track today. No chocolates, no candy. Dessert (1-2 scoops of ice cream, depending on what the food scale allows) if I have the extra points. Going to the gym (the OTHER hip started to hurt after my kick-a gym sesh on Sunday. Like only me guys) tonight and getting some cardio in.

Oh let's discuss that. My hip I mean. it really is the strangest thing. I would think it's an injury, but it seems to flip flop on what hip wants to hurt, which is infuriating. AAND cardio doesn't bother it. The strength training, and the squats and lunges are what makes it painful. I took Monday/Tuesday off and today I feel 100%, so I'm going to do soley cardio. And going forward my strength training will be focused mainly on the upper body. I may do a squat here or there but I'm definetly going to cut back on the lower body part of the workouts. see if that makes a difference and gives my hip some time to get over whatever is going on.

So my plan for today and tomorrow is to get in 2 workouts, stick to my plan, and NOT SNACK. hopefully I can avoid further hip pain, and still salvage a loss this week? I mean, It was 2 days. And In truth, I wasn't really terrible, I still have points left (activity style, not my weeklies, those are lonng gone), and I'll get in 3 good workouts this week. So here's hoping!

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