Thursday, February 2, 2012


-The Walking Dead is an Amazing show. A-mazing. Matt and I stormed through the first two seasons in like a month. So addictive and Lost like, I love it!

-Nurse Jackie is a pretty BA show as well

-My gym isn't nearly as overcrowded as last year around this time, which is awesome. I know I should be happy for people getting fit and on board, but I think the experience is a lot more pleasurable when it isn't packed like sardines. There are a lot of new faces, and it's busy, but not crazy like last year. And it seems like all the girls who would sit on machines and talk on their phones (yes, this happened) decided to not join up this year. Which makes me happy.

-I peaked this morning and saw a number I really liked :-) which is inspiring me to drink gallons of water and stay OP today

-Resting was the best medicine. My hip feels ten times better. I did a lot of thinking over my mini rest break, and realized that I've always kind of had some slight hip pain after a workout, just not as intense as that was. So I'm focused on stretching, and making sure my posture is up to par. I ran 2.8 miles yesterday (20 min running, 20 min walking including the warm up and cool down, and the 5 minutes walking incline :-)) and while I ran I focused on how my feet fell. I realized that my right side was sort of swinging inwards when I landed, and I really made a point to run in a straight line. It helped :-)

-I worked out this morning for the first time in like 3 weeks, and it felt good. I'm energetic and feel awesome. Plus burning 345 calories doesn't hurt either :-) I may do it again tomorrow, so Saturday can be a total rest day/cleanupmyapartmentsoitslivable day :-)

-I need to start being as good at my WLJ after 8 and on weekends as I am during working hours. My goal for this weekend is to plan ahead. Here, my dears is my tentative meal plan for the weekend:

Breakfast: Wake up later, so banana/ workout?
Lunch: bacon egg and tomato sandwiches on sourdough bread (bread=3, egg=4 turkey bacon= 2, mozzarella cheese=2 not too shabby)
Dinner: Skinny chicken parm with linguine

Breakfast: egg and cheese on english muffin
Lunch: Small post workout snack, probably a banana/piece of fruit, maybe some cheese
Dinner:superbowl snacks! It's just us, so as of right now our menu includes:
- buffalo/bbq wings (baked)
-homemade nachos
-cheese and crackers (I may try and jazz this up a bit, make a dip or something)
Lots of snacky foods, but also ones that aren't awful for us! I'm so excited, and also plan on having a few beers to celebrate :-) Go Pats! I have a strong hatred for the Giants based on nothing involving football, and everything involving the team bringing up a memory of a person I'm not particularly fond of, and her ridiculous attitude about her favorite team. So To see them destroy the Giants would be just fabulous :-)

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