Friday, February 17, 2012

Moving Onward, Moving Forward

Up this week, to 199.4. To be expected, from all the sweets I've snuck over the past two weeks, and the extreme lack of exercise that has been done on my part.Am I upset still? Sure, a loss would have been a pleasant surprise. But I don't deserve it, and its a whole new week, so I'm going to work at achieving mah goals :-)

Goals for this week:
- Get in some activity Saturday and Sunday. Even if it's just walking, or a video. DO SOMETHING MARIE!
- Pretrack as much as possible. I have today all planned out, complete with the 3 beers I plan on having tonight while out. I need to take the time to plan ahead, because when I do I always do better.
- Stay away from chocolates, candy, dessert in general. Treat them like what they are- treats

Here is my plan for the weekend (tentatively)
Friday night- Dinner out- I plan on getting the fish, because I feel like it's a safer option. Fish, baked potato, and a veggie. And I'm going to request they don't cook em in oil :-)
Saturday Lunch- BLTs! I'm toying with making mine a tuna fish sandwich, well see how I feel!
Saturday Dinner- undecided. I might stop out for a slice of pizza
Workout- Cardio Max video, start my daily 10 minute ciruit training.

note:  Yesterday on the boards a girl offered up her body weight schedule. It looks fun and totally doable, 10 minutes a day, in addition to your regular cardio. I'm definetly going for it, and I'm excited!

Sunday morning- possibly out for sisters birthday brunch. well see
Sunday Dinner: unsure, at my parents :-)
Sunday Workout- hit the gym for at least a little bit!

I don't have a whole lot of plans this weekend, so hopefully I'm able to stick to this plan, and see it through! Happy Friday everyone!

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