Monday, January 30, 2012

Back on Board

So on Saturday my hip was bugging me a bit. I did some yoga, put on some icy hot, and drank some wine (ok that wasn't for the hip pain). I woke up on Sunday and wanted to cry it hurt so much (ok I did cry). It's just so frustrating, because I didn't do anything out of the normal. On Saturday I did level 2 of Jillian Michael's ripped in 30. There are no outrageous moves in that one (they come in level 3), and I focused on my posture. I made sure to extra stretch out at the end, and was pretty mellow for the rest of the day. So in short, I have no idea what caused it.

What I do know is that I ate my feelings yesterday. I was in constant pain all day and consoled myself in the form of potato chips, spaghetti o's, bread, and donut bites. I felt awful last night as I sat there eating the chocolate pie my mom sent me home with, like I was such a loser for not even trying yesterday. I'm over it, I've moved on, and am looking at the positives. I didn't have fries with my burger last night. I took the breading out of the roll to make it thinner, and healthier. I chose the smallest burger for myself, and finally, I took  a long walk with the puppy (which he loved) instead of just sitting on the couch all day, since I couldn't work out.

And I'm being hard on myself, I didn't eat that much, it was more the reason that I kept on eating that bothers me so much. Moving on, I'm back OP and plan on staying here all week. also, my hip feels a lot better today. Not perfect, but a lot better. I plan on doing a yoga video tonight to get some activity in. Hopefully giving myself a few rest days and taking it easy at the gym will make a difference (I may skip the moves and just focus on my upper body with my weight workouts), and this pesky pain will go away. I won't lie, I'm nervous as to what it could be. But we're not going to think about that right now. As long as it goes away in the next few days, I'm sure it'll be fine. And if it doesn't (or if it comes back), I'll make an appointment with my doctor.

To finish, my meal plan for the week:
Plan for week
Mondaywaffles with 1/4c light syrup, LO meatballs with 1 slice sourdough breadbeef tacosyoga
Tuesdaybanana chocolate chip muffins!stuffed pepper soupteriyaki chickenhopefully gym
Wednesdaybanana chocolate chip muffins!stuffed pepper soupsteak, brussell sprouts, baked potatohopefully gym
Thursdaybanana chocolate chip muffins!stuffed pepper soupCYSFD buffalo wontonsAM workout
Fridaybanana chocolate chip muffins!n/aburgersgym- cardio, weights
Saturdayegg, toastpre /post gym snacktaco saladoff
Sundayegg, toastpre /post gym snacksuperbowl!gym- cardio, weights

I'm doing a lot of cooking/baking tonight, which should make me feel OP. I'm also extremely excited for Thursday night's dinner, let me tell you :-)

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