Monday, February 13, 2012

I've Never Been So Happy

For a rest day than I am today. For realz. I did some upper body strength and overall cardio yesterday, and my hip didn't hurt afterwards (success!) but today my arms are killing me! I guess that's what taking a week off does :-/

I'm also freaking exhausted, and was ready for bed around 10am this morning. blech.

Weekend went well. Date night on Friday turned into order food and go to some local bars because we did not plan on the restaurant being busy the Friday before V-day (silly), but it was still nice :-) We're opting to go this Friday instead, and earlier this time. I'm not a big Valentines person, so the day we celebrate doesn't matter to me, I'm just looking for a fancy date out. We could celebrate in April for all I care :-)

 Did not get my workout in on Saturday, instead I opted to go see the Vow with my friends (which I liked a lot more than I thought I would, and which also made me entirely depressed, like what a sad effing movie). I'm okay with my choice, my hip was hurting me, and I was in the mood for a lazy day, especially since I had blisters all over my feet from walking on Friday night, that counts for something, right? I also tracked all movie snacks, which is a total win.

Sunday I babysat, and hit the gym, as much as I didn't want to AT ALL. I procrastinated instead by following around my dog and taking pictures. And I spent some quality time with my mom/sister. Another bonus of going home and procrastinating? I found out my sister made a large amount of minestrone soup, and my mom was dying to get rid of it. The fabulous daughter I am, I took it off her hands :-) It was really thick, so I added some broth and slow cooked it with spinach for a bit when I got home. The results were amazing! I'm so excited for my lunches this week.

Here's my menu. Any breakfast Suggestions? I'm thinking about trying the microwave egg cups that hungry girl does, or I may check out pinterest for ideas. I need on the go options!

Mondayyogurt/special kminestrone soupitalian sausagesyoga/rest day
Tuesdayyogurt/special kminestrone soupsteak and cheesesgym-cardio
Wednesdayyogurt/special kminestrone soupshepherds pieAM workout
Thursdayunsureminestrone soupchicken tikka masalaAM workout
Fridayunsureminestrone soupFox And Hound Take 2off
Saturdayegg, turkey bacon, toastn/a, snacksnoodles?video
Sundayegg, toastpre /post gym snack homegym- cardio, weights

I'm also incredibly ambitious this week and plan on getting up early 2 days to workout. Hopefully I follow through. I'm so excited for our menu though, I have a lot of good dinners to look forward to!

And to cheer up your Monday, Adventures with Toby:

Toby the Hunter
Oh hai Marie, um this is awkward, I figured since Mom turned your room into a storage arena, I could set up camp too...
Striking a pose, one paw 

2 pm naptime, time for me to go home. I think showing me all his things all day tired him out :-)

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