Friday, February 10, 2012

Wiped Clean

I weighed in this morning knowing it wouldn't be pretty. I made myself feel better last night in the form of beer and hershey kisses.  That isn't exactly the recipe for success. I think my scale needs a new battery, but the number I got ranged from 197-198, so I'm gonna say I maintained and call it a day. This week sucked, and I'm ready to wipe it clean.

Weekend Plan
Friday night:
Dinner and drinks out for Valentines Day (because we're classy and do it ahead of time). I'm so excited, we're going here, I've been once before and our service was lackluster, but the food itself was pretty good. Funny story, they were on the Phantom Gormet a few weeks ago and interviewed the manager- totally our server that night. He needs to work on his people skills, that's all I have to say. Not a bad experience, he was just a bit rude, not attentive at all, or apologetic. Which got me more than the rest. But moving on, hopefully our meal will go smoother :-) I'm either getting steak tips or schrod. I can't decide. Either way it's going to be delicious, and awesome as we haven't had a fancy night out in awhile.

We are following this with a trip to Beer Works, because what would our Valentines Date be without a good beer? My goal is to not over do it, and plan ahead :-)

-Get one workout in- video style
-Lunch- either homemade BLTs or at the food court in the mall, as I have some mystery shopping to do. either way, I'm planning ahead and making good choices!
Dinner- M and I are making peanut noodles! healthy style :-)

- Eat a healthy breakfast, bring fruit with me babysitting!
-hit the gym after babysitting
-home  with my family for the rest of the day, and lately this has been a deterrent in staying OP. My goal is to not snack, get out of the house, or do something to stay out of the kitchen :-)

Pretty good plan I think, aand go! Happy Friday! I've never been so happy to have a week be over, seriously :-)

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