Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Recap, March Goals

How Did I do?
Burn 100 APs
Spoiler alert- this didn't happen. But I think being injured is a valid excuse. Before I got hurt, I had hit 44 APs, which isn't too shabby considering the pain has been plaguing me since mid-January (and probably why I have the bursitis)
Lose 3 Pounds
I'm up from 195.8 to 197.8. Lets talk about this for a minute. I know what I've done that was bad (overindulged, not treated "treats" as treats, etc), but at the same time, I know I've had solid weeks where I've done well,  and coupled with my dry skin, exhaustion, and hair falling out, I'm definetly going to mention this to my doctor at my physical. Hypothyroidism runs in my family, and it would explain why I've bounced back and forth since July.

Till then though, I'm keeping up my lenten promises, and not eating ANY chocolates, cookies, etc. I'm doing well!

Workout 4X a week
meh whatever

Limit Drinking to 2X a week, Dessert over 4 points to 1X a week
I did pretty well with this! I have really cut back on my weeknight drinking, even when I'm craving that glass of wine after work. And since lent, my dessert intake has decreased a ton too!

Try and New Activity
I didn't get to do this, maybe next month? I might try swimming!

So obviously February wasn't my best month (Overall, February sucked, to be honest. With my hip, my health, and then some job stuff, just not a good month). I think some of my gain was from me being frustrated and eating away that anger. It's hard when you feel like something is always wrong,  you know? Moving forward, I plan on having a lazy weekend, laying low and resting my hip. It should definetly help and put me in a good position to get back into working out lightly.

So my March goals

By March 31
Goal 1Do some activity 4X a week
Goal 2Lose 2 pounds
Goal 3Focus on healthy eating, and using fewer WP
Goal 4Limit Drinking to 2X a week, Dessert over 4  points to 1X a week

Definetly all doable, I'm already doing well with the healthy eating part, I really feel a difference since the pressure to "fuel" for my workouts is gone. I think working on how I eat and what I eat will be really helpful for me as far as my WLJ goes :-) and  depending on how my hip feels, I may get back into my videos (the ortho didn't specify no circuit training), but I'm definetly playing it by year. I want to be able to be active this summer, and if my hip pain continues, that won't be an option. Lots of walking and biking in the month of March!

I actually really enjoyed bike riding last summer. It was a great workout, and a lot of fun. I'm thinking as long as my financial situation is okay, I may invest in a bike for myself this summer. I live near a great bike path, and it would give me an additional option as far as working out goes! Well see :-) I definetly plan on renting bikes and doing the cape cod trail again, that was such a blast!

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