Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You Know What's Kind of Ridiculous?

The fact that I busted my butt at the gym for over a year consistently. At least 2-3 times a week, more likely 4X a week, doing videos, strength training with free weights and the nautilus machines, working at running programs, whatever. I felt good about myself, and loved (egotistical moment alert) looking at myself in the mirror, just because it constantly reminded me of how far I had come.

This summer, I didn't go to the gym very often. Maybe once a week. I spent a lot of my time hiking, running/walking outside, and especially in the last 2 weeks just being too busy to go to the gym. It happens, I'm ok with it. Part of this weight loss journey is living my life and not missing out on events and opportunities. I was still active, I still felt ok with my progress, and still went to the gym 1-2 times a week. I just found other things that I loved even more.

Ok so It took me probably 3-4 months before I started enjoying my time at the gym, and didn't feel like death every day. I started wanting to stay longer, and do more, and could seriously feel my endurance increasing every week.

So it's been about 2 weeks since I've worked out consistently thanks to sore muscles last week, and lots of moving the week before. I went to the gym last night, and honestly? It was the hardest I can remember it being.

I struggled to do 30 lunges, where 2-3 weeks ago I could do 45-50 no problem
I was starving the entire time, which may be because I didn't eat enough real food yesterday, and loaded up too much on sugar.
Either way, my time on the eliptical was miserable. My Heart rate was holding steady at 165-180, which isn't normal for me (when working out it normally stays within 150-169) and I was constantly out of breath. What happened to me?

Hopefully it's just a fluke. Hopefully I just didn't eat enough, so I hadn't fueled enough which made it 10 times harder to work out. At least I went, right? And I burnt 850 calories, so that was good. It gave me leeway to eat a big dinner and still have calories left over from my workout. It's just amazing that it can take months to get on track, but in as little as a week or two, your endurance levels can suffer so much!

I am forbidding myself any type of sweet or candy until Friday. If I have a loss this week, I'll let myself splurge a bit :-)  But I've had enough this week to last me, I've indulged, now it's time to stay on track. I've tracked breakfast, lunch and a snack already.

Your Daily Goal1,5002065056322,500
Remaining697 85 21 22 -14 916

I'm over my sugar limit (all the fruit) but everything else I'm in good shape for, I think!

I am going out with two of my friends from London tonight. There will be tons of talking, and I'm driving so I plan on milking that excuse :-) I will have two good beers though, and leave room for chips and salsa. We are going to a mexican bar after all :-) I am going to attempt that video again after work, I figure it's a good way to burn calories, and get a fast  workout in :-)

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  1. I think sometimes we do have a fluke. I had one a few months ago when I was running. Try again and I bet it'll be better :)

    Also, I hate that I'm over my sugar every. freaking. day. from all the fruit I eat! It's good sugar, I promise!