Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1!

SO. How have we done this month?
Calories by September 30
Pounds by September 30:
2.6/10 (womp womp)

Ok, you see it?

Good because I'm resetting it. I'm only 4500 calories away from my goal, and I'm definetly not gonna hit 10 pounds by September 30. Because I chose booze and candy over staying within my calories, basically.

But the past month has been good for me. I feel in control. And I haven't gained weight. If anything, I've gained muscle. I feel thinner, I can see a difference in my body from the begining of the summer. And that, to me is 10 times more important than hitting 190.

But I wanna get there! So Here are my September goals!

By September 30
Goal 110,000 Calories Burnt
Goal 24 Pounds
Goal 3Work out 16 times
Goal 4Pretrack 50% of meals and track everything!

Definetly attainable, if I work at it.I have a lot of things coming up this month (visiting my friend D, Red Sox game, Kaiser Chiefs concert, girls night), but I know if I plan ahead and resist temptation more than I have been, I can do it!

I also updated my financial goals for last month. Not a great month, but I am going to be better this month!

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  1. you can do those!!! i should probably write out a list like that.