Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What up Accountability

I apologize in advance for my rambling. My sleep wasn't great last night, and I am all sugar highed from my pumpkin iced latte/donut for breakfast (yes, I did it again).

But I am pleased to report that I had a pretty on plan weekend, and stuck to my schedule pretty well (give or take a few)

To recap:
-Friday, I went to dinner with my sisters. I got gnocchi with meatballs, and ate about 1/2. It was all kinds of amazing, and I was proud of myself to sticking to a serving. I had 2 beers afterwards, but only went over my calories for the day by a few

-Saturday we were up bright and early to move in the youngest sister. We didn't get home till almost 4, and I was exhausted so I didn't make it to the gym. But hey, I ate very little all day (bacon egg and cheese on an english for breakfast, trail mix for lunch, a turkey burger and salad for dinner), so I think that makes up for it! Plus moving is hard!

-Sunday, M and I had a stir fry for lunch, then went hiking with my other sister, where I burned just over 700 calories. Go me! I drank a lot that night, but the dinner (Chicken rollatini) was amazing, and low calorie, so I was still in my target for the day again! M and I went to a brewery over in cambridge, which was awesome, and then met 2 of my friends for a few drinks before we took the train home. It was quiet, but a nice night.

-Monday I intended to go to the gym, but M wasn't feeling well, so I did a "Marie is going to make ya feel better" day. We went to the zoo, got amazing ice cream, and made chicken alfredo for dinner. It was a nice quiet day. Plus we were walking around the zoo for 2 hours, so I figure that sort of makes up for it :-)

It feels like it was just Friday, doesn't it? I knew this weekend was going to fly, but I still can't believe how fast it came in. But I think overall I didn't go crazy, and more importantly I tracked everything. I have a really busy September, which will really test me as far as being responsible with my money goes, and as far as dieting goes. This weekend I was truly great, stayed on budget, and on plan, and I'm proud of that :-) But in September I have:
-A Kaiser Chiefs concert
-A Red Sox game
-Visiting our friend J in Worcester next Friday (which actually won't be expensive)
-Visiting my friend D in Stamford at the end of the month (which was cheap travel wise, but I will end up spending some money, you know?)

All things that cost money, and for the most part involve drinking/eating out. I am looking at this from a positive point of view though, and instead as an opportunity to resist temptation, and not go crazy everytime there is an event. I want to hit my goals for this month, instead of just making excuses as to why it is ok that I didn't. I have 35-40 pounds left, I want to get serious and stay on target. So this month will involve a lot of planning :-) To start:

Tuesday- spend an hour at the gym easing into strength/cardio. I haven't done any actual strength in about 2 weeks, due to being busy, working out outside, and then my back being irksome last week. But I don't want to be in pain for the rest of the week, so I won't be going crazy :-)
Wednesday-running outside
Thursday- more gymtime

Hopefully all goes to plan, and I'll be OP for the rest of the week!

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