Friday, September 23, 2011

The Worst.

This week. has been. The worst.

I am counting down the minutes till it ends.

Sorry for not posting this week. I tried a few times, but it's been crazy at work, and in life.

To Recap:
  • The apartment we saw was nice, but small for the price, so we decided to wait. Our dream location opened up yesterday, and was gone by the time we got outta work. Boo to the housing market in Boston. We'll find something eventually
  • M's had some awful back/chest pain, and an even worse doctor experience, where they didn't send the referral, so his physical therapy got pushed back a full week. The pain is starting to effect his life, causes him to not be able to focus at work and make mistakes, and make him pretty damn miserable. It sucks, for lack of a better word.
  • They found a tumor on my Mom's uterus, and are doing a biopsy Oct 3. Fantastic way to end the day yesterday, let me tell you. She's very upset, my littlest sister K who just went off to college called me sobbing yesterday because she wasn't home for my mom, and let me tell you, being the oldest sucks in these situations. Because I have to comfort others while I'm scared to death that it's going to be the worst case scenario. Let's hope for the best
  • I had a good workout on Wednesday, but got those nasty stomach cramps again. I think I ate too close to working out though, and I'm gonna cut out the cheese from my snack, see if it helps, because I didn't have the cheese the last 2 times that we're good runs
  • My brakes started to act up, thankfully we have a really nice repair guy. He is fixing them for 200 less than the other place I brought it to. Still sucks though, 300 bucks I wasn't planning on spending this week
  • I woke up yesterday and my chest was so sore. I am pretty sure it was congestion and pain, but all the same it was weird, and I didn't work out because of it. It explains why I've felt so down trodden all week though, I normally feel that way when I'm getting sick.
  • I was 196 this morning. I attribute the pizza, pumpkin ice cream (omgz) and reese cups last night to this. But it still stinks. I was going to work out yesterday morning, but due to my chest congestion (and what the eff is up with that, I never get chest congestion, it's always in my head!)
The past two months have just been stressful and just plain no fun. I'm ready for a switch around please! Let's list some good stuff:

  • I'm visiting D who is the only person I told of everything that is going on with me, mainly because I had to let it out, and she's the only one I know who wouldn't judge me, and be the right mix of nice and compassionate. It's good to have friends like that and this weekend is sorely needed!
  • The pumpkin ice cream
  • I went hiking with my sister K last weekend and it was AWESOME
  • My car could have been a lot more expensive
  • My sister M is home tonight, I haven't really seen or talked to her since she went off to college this year
  • M and I have a nice quiet evening planned, which is exciting as well
Lets' just hope things turn around, ok? Sorry for the whiney post, I just needed to get it out ;-)

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