Thursday, September 29, 2011

Accountability results and Lady Luck's knocking at my door!!

1. I did not walk outside today.

I was up late with that stupid red sox game, and then couldn't sleep. And then I woke up to it pouring this morning, so no. I will try again tomorrow.

2. We got that apartment!!! M and I move in November 1! Excited doesn't even begin to explain how I feel right now, I love the area and am so freaking excited to start our little life together

:-) After all the bad from last week, (and some of it is still going on), it's nice to get some good news, and the place is big (700sq ft. Big compared to the fact that most places we were seeing were around 400), and has a dishwasher, built in AC, nice carpeting, and a freaking patio. Plus the girl who lived there before was super honest with us (she told us about a break in the building had in May, and how it was the only one she had experienced in 2 years, and the girl whos apartment was broken into had hosted a huge party the night before), and basically said the most bugs she had seen were spiders, and if she weren't buying she would rent it forever. So I am optomistic.


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