Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy Busy Busy Busy

This week has felt like one of those commercials where you are standing there and everything is blurry around you because it is moving so fast. All thanks to work being insanely busy. So I apologize for the brevity of this post. To update:

- My legs are feeling the zillion squats and lunges that were part of the Cardio Max video. To the point where Wednesday and Thursday were a wash, as I couldn't work out with the pain. It wasn't a "oh my legs are sore but I need to keep on going" pain. It was a "standing up and sitting down are struggle points right now" pain. Owch. I did bring my pup for a lengthy walk yesterday, helping me not feel like a total waste of space.

-Mom turned the big 5-0 on Wednesday! I felt bad, because one sister was working and the other two are just starting school, so I was the only one home. and of course I was at work till 630. M came over and brought her chocolate turtles (NOM) and i brought her flowers and tiramasu (the woman didn't want a birthday cake. I think I did better). The sisters and I (as of right now it is 100% funded by me)  got her and my dad a weekend at a resort down the cape, thanks to living social. It's two nights right on the beach, with dinner, a massage, and 2 rounds of golf. She's so excited, I love it.

-I gained .6 today. I'm not happy about it, even though I know it's probably due to the muscle pain I'm experiencing, and the fact that I didn't work out much. It's my own fault, I know this happens every time I get lazy about going to the gym. But no more! I'm gonna go tomorrow or Sunday, and then 2x next week. And hopefully we won't be in this situation for awhile.

-Upon reflection, a lot of my days have been filled with food that I didn't necesarily need, but had the calories for. To curb this, I lowered my calorie intake to midway between 1 pound and 1.5 pounds a week- 1450. Where I work out so much, I normally have so many left over anyways that it'll help me manage my calories better, and stop the unnecesary add-ons to meals, which is truly my problem

-This weekend is quiet, which is good. Tonight I'm visiting my friend in Worcester. I am bringing a bottle of Skinny girl margarita (even with all the controversy, I doubt that it's gonna kill me faster than any other bottled beverage will, and the person who took the time to sue Bethany is ridic), a bottle of seltzer( I know, I'm like the only person on the planet who mixes her margaritas, but hey, its like tequilla soda. How can you hate that?) and plan on having a ball. Tomorrow I will work out at some point, possibly see an apartment (!!!) and then babysit. M is babysitting toby while the folks are away, both parties are excited for their playdate. Then Sunday M and I have a day of lying in bed watching movies and eating food planned. I may sneak a hike in there though ;-)

Happy Friday!

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