Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Much For Switching It Up

Because in order to have done that, I would have actually had to work out.

In my defense, I was so sore last week from that video. I don't know why I let myself do this. I'll do great for so long, and then have a week or two (or three... or a month) where I get lazy about going to the gym. In this case it was because I was doing a lot of stuff outside/helping people move/etc so I can't beat myself up that much. But the results are the same. I finally do something (in this case a video) and can't walk straight for 3 days. I think I need to get into yoga.

Anyways. Last week was also crazy busy workwise, which really hinders me wanting to go to the gym. All it makes me want to do is sit in front of the TV and watch shows. Which is what I did :-)

To recap:
Friday- no loss at weigh in. To be expected, I was still sore/ hadn't worked out much/ ate a decent amount the night before. Ah well
-After work I headed up to Worcester to my friends apartment for a girls night. She works for a college out there and had to check on a program they were running. which was a magician. And we ended up staying, because he was really funny.  We went back to her place, had drinks, relaxed, and went to bed. It was a nice night and well needed :-)
Saturday- We ended up going to Cracker Barrell for breakfast (@1...), which was amazing.  LOVE Cracker Barrell. I went a bit crazy BUT I only ate 2 slices of french toast, instead of the 4 put in front of me. So go me? I also ate the 2 eggs, 2 sausages and plate of hash browns, but that is besides the point ladies and gentleman. Baby steps.

I didn't get home till around 4, I ran to the store and picked up M, and some groceries. I made a frozen pizza and salad for dinner, and just relaxed a little bit before I babysit all night long. And caught up on mah shows: House Hunters, My First Place (I'm a sucker for Real Estate shows),Ugly Betty (they play reruns!), and watched the pilot for the Zoey Dechannel one that is coming out. It was cute, pilot's are never great so I have hopes that it will be funny :-)

Sunday-Slept in, went to Target, grabbed Lunch at Boston Market, where I made some bad choices. Like 800 calories worth. But the stuffing there is so worth it, isn't it? I figure I didn't have breakfast, so it sort of evens out, right? The rest of the day (when I planned to work out) was spent watching movies in bed. Buh. I did take a walk with M and tobes. But I wish I had done something activity wise :-/

Thankfully though dinner was low cal, so that made up for it :-) We attempted the Taco Cupcakes from emilybites.com. They came out awesome!

Doesn't do it justice!
And they were so delicious, I had them for lunch yesterday as well, which was seriously the highlight of my day haha.

I have had a serious sweet tooth this week. Last night I craved Ice Cream, today I had a donut with breakfast and reese cups with lunch.  I have 20 calories left for the day and it's not even dinner time! I am going to the gym, so I will be ok. I dunno what's up with these cravings but they need to quit it!

I'm done though, I think I satiated the beast :-P I went shopping on my lunch break and bought:
-A tote of apples (gala, aka the best)
-Green Grapes
-baby carrots (which go nicely with my low fat ranch dressing)
-pretzels (not the honey mustard flavored ones. I learned my lesson, they are way too addictive to have 10 feet away from me)
-ingredients to make bagel thin pizzas! These will be my lunch for the unforseen future. One thing I never get sick of is pizza, so hopefully this will stick!

I am also making a workout schedule, and I'm going to stick to it damnnit!My plan:
T-Strength-35 minutes cardio
W-Cardio Max (hopefully the next day won't be quite as miserable this time
Th-Eliptical/running combo (hopefully just 10 minutes eliptical and 30 minutes running, but well see) and abs
F- off- red sox game!

If I can get three full days in this week, I'll be happy!

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