Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Gameplan

So I am all sorts of jazzed this morning thanks to this:
A lovely pumpkin iced coffee and donut from DD, The best start to a cooler morning.

I know I've posted about how much I love summer, but in reality, it isn't my favorite season.

Fall, is my favorite :-) There are just so many good things going on!
-PUMPKIN FLAVORED ANYTHING (coffee, food, beer, pie, did I mention beer?)
-Fall jackets (which I need a new one of)
-Boots (which are my favorite thing ever), tights,  fall dresses, sweaters
-Leaves changing (the thing I missed the most about being abroad fall 07, was missing fall in new england)

-Apple Cider
-brisk mornings
-no humidity!

-October baseball

-my birthday
-NH brewfest

I could go on. But I'll contain my excitement for now. I love summer, I love the feeling you get when it starts to become warmer, and the snow is a distant memory. But towards the end, I am ready to move on to fall. I hate when fall ends, I hate snow and winter, but I love the fall :-)

So a pumpkin iced coffee seems like an appropriate way to start off labor day weekend, especially where I lost .8 today! I figured I would treat myself to breakfast, As a bonus :-)

I was honestly pretty satisfied with just the donut. I was going to have my usual as well, but didn't feel like I needed it. I think I will add on my yogurt and berries to lunch instead. Healthy filling, etc etc.

My Overall Schedule for the Weekend:
If I get out of work early, head to the gym. If not, maybe sneak in a quick workout when you get home.
Last dinner with the sisters :-( Enjoy delish italian food within reason
Depending on game plan, hang out, maybe have 1-2 drinks

 Up bright and early to help little sister move into her dorm (so sad)
Make healthy meal choices, no indulging!
Come home, gym/run and then grill with M

Hiking with Sister and M
Relax, make this with M, alongside some rice,
go out for a date night! Our game plan is to go to the Cambridge Brewing Company, Boston Beer Works , and finally the Rock Bottom. each move is about a 20 minute walk, so that should be great for us :-)

Move other sister into college
Make healthy choices, be incredibly lazy all day, possibly include a walk for Toby :-)

I think it sounds like a fabulous game plan! Happy Long Weekend everybody!

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