Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Running Freaking Rockstar

That's right, I said it.

A bit premature? Probably. But whatever. Because for the first time in a loong time (minus the one good run I've had since June) I ran. With no problems. And it. felt. amazing. And then yesterday, I did it again.

And I'm cautiously optomistic. :-)

I decided to run outside on Monday, mainly because it was low 70's and gorgeous. No clouds, a nice breeze, seriously one of the nicest days I've seen this year and I was of course stuck inside all day. So I headed to the Pope park (where I was running steadily into June at least once a week) and started out. My plan was to go a few weeks back on the couch to 5k program, to the 5min run 3 min walk 8 min run 3 min walk 5 min run breakdown. In total, I figured I could do both loops and the small trail, bringing me to 2.3 miles total.

I did it. I was a sweaty mess by the end, but I had NO side pain. To say I felt empowered doesn't even begin to give the feeling I had justice. In the past 2 months I haven't been able to run this distance (granted I did it in walking intervals, but still the majority was running!) without being crippled with cramps so bad they made me want to cry.

I think part of the reason I was able to do it with no pain was because I haven't run in awhile, so I've been giving it time to heal. I also ate a snack 2 full hours before, which may be key for the future. I have stomach issues, I have to admit that. Even with the gallbladder surgery, I am going to have some digestive issues for the rest of my life, and it's very possible that it just takes me awhile to digest my food. Either way 2 hours prior will be my rule of thumb for now on when it comes to running workouts.

I'm not sure when exactly I actually started to like running. I think with losing weight it has become slightly easier (and when I say easier, I mean I don't feel like dying), but I love the way I feel when I'm running, and the way I feel afterwards. It gets my heart rate up high, and I just feel so much more accomplished than I do on the eliptical, you know? To me, running is exciting, even on a treadmill. The eliptical is boring, and not nearly as challenging, for me anyways.But Monday and Tuesday nights made me realize just how much I've missed running, and missed the way I feel when I finish. It's amazing to be able to do it again.

Last night was a gym workout, but I decided to run again, because why not? I did 10 minutes high intensity on the eliptical, then 20 minutes running (3 minute warm up, 6 minute running 2 minutes walking 7 minutes running and 5 minute cooldown). Again, no pain. I kept my snack early again, and stretched out like crazy. I did 1.4 miles, and then went back and did 12 minutes on the eliptical. And I was starving by the end.

That part of my night was great. I burnt 615 calories in 50 minutes, and was pretty happy. Then I got home. And there was no dinner yet because we were ordering pizza and my sisters weren't hungry yet. Ok fine whatever. Long story short, I stepped on the end of my gym bag by accident, making the plastic ball on the end of the cord ricoche up and smack me in the neck, leaving a nice, painful welt. My sisters took a half hour to drive down the street and pick up the pizza, so even though I got home at 7 and asked that they order it soon, and after they took a half hour to order, and a half hour screwing around the house before they left. We didn't end up eating it till 830 which made me crappy and starving. Because they went to Walgreens and to get ice cream prior to getting the pizza. Knowing how hungry I was and just not caring. I mean, If I had known it would take that long, I would have made my own dinner, that's what kills me. It just threw me off and was very selfish of them. If either of them was hungry and I did that, I would be flipped out upon, but I was basically told to calm down and made fun of for it. I was not happy and am still annoyed (can you tell?)

And while I was waiting all hungry, I ate 3 cookies that were around 150 calories each, and a piece of scali bread with butter. And I felt pretty crappy about myself for it :-/ I know, it's only 3 cookies get over it, but I can't help but feel guilty. I worked so hard at the gym, and then basically got rid of the calories I burnt in those three cookies. Oh well, I still ended the day with a 120 calorie deficit (because I had 2 glasses of wine. Leave me be I was annoyed), and the fact that I need to move out of my house was reiterated to me. I get along so much better with my family when I don't live with them and have to depend on them for things. I've been reaching my breaking point lately, and truly cannot wait for November 1 :-)

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