Monday, October 3, 2011

September workout totals and October goals!

I will update on life hopefully tonight/tomorrow, and my financial goals as well, but it's too busy for me to functionally blog right now :-) So here are my september totals!

By September 30
Goal 110,000 Calories Burnt
Goal 24 Pounds
Goal 3Work out 20 times
Goal 4Pretrack 50% of meals and track everything!

Goal 1
Goal 21 lb/4
Goal 3HIT 16/20
Goal 4Pretrack 50% of meals and track everything!

How did I do?: Well as you can tell, not too great. I think I overestimated how many calories I can earn in 1 month. I also did not do well with the weight loss this month, which I can blame on being busy at work, and tons of stress and anguish in the Month of September. But in reality, I gave into temptation too often, and didn't focus on my WLJ. and hey, I'm 1 pound down, which is a win, right?

Goals for October:

By October 31
Goal 1Burn 8000 Calories
Goal 24 pounds
Goal 3Work out 4X a week (20 times in the month
Goal 4Limit indulgence (more than 1 drink and a dessert over 200 calories) to 3X a week

I think 8000 is an attainable number for me, that's 4 500 calorie workouts a week. which is what I should be doing anyways. I also realize that I indulge way too often, and it needs to stop. So hopefully I can limit what I indulge in, and think twice before going for the cookie/dessert/candy bar/ 2nd drink!

Happy October! My favorite month!

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