Monday, August 8, 2011

To Review...

I had this big post typed up on Friday, but kept on getting busy at work. And then my computer froze, erasing everything. So the world may never know what I had to share :-)

But to recap:

1.Puppy Update!

Toby is doing ten times better! He hit a low on Tuesday where he wouldn't eat anything, and when he finally did (I think because he was just so hungry), he threw it up after we gave him his meds. It was so sad and I was so scared for him.

But Wednesday morning we didn't give him his antibiotic (because the side effect is nausea, so we assume that had something to do with it) and he was 10 times better. More alert, eating and drinking on his own (we had to pour water into his mouth with a syringe. it was messy. And he keeps on getting better every day, which is awesome. He even let me give him a bath yesterday

I mean, he didn't like it, but he let me do it haha

Just to give you some background, when we brought toby in, we saw 2 emergency vets since it was a Saturday. While they were trying to get us to fork up 6 grand, they told my mom that they spoke with his primary vet, and she agreed that we should leave him overnight with them.

So my mom calls the vet on Wednesday, and starts to talk to her. Her first words were "Toby was here this weekend?". she had no idea, I guess they called her, but just to ask about his medicine the last time, and even then they didn't follow it and gave him a different antibiotic. So that sort of justified us not leaving him there, because the woman was already a bit condescending in her tone (you could tell she didn't like the fact that my mom wasn't going to just go along with everything. Which I understand, but I think even doctors are a bit more understand about health costs than this girl was) and kept on repeating that this is how they regularly treat these types of things . His regular vet is awesome, and really helpful when it comes to cutting costs (she realizes how expensive pet care can be). She put in a script for amoxicillin, which he was on the last time. We checked in with her on Thursday, and told her how he was doing, and she told my mom that based on what we're telling her, she's confident he's going to be fine :-) We are even waiting a week to bring him in for more tests, just because he is visibly improved (his bruises are all but gone) , and because she wants him to be on the antibiotics for a full week.

So I'm 100% less stressed out and anxious today :-)

2. Relaxing Weekends
After my emotional turmoil filled week, and busy weekends for the past couple, I was well into the idea of having a lazy one this time around. Friday night M and I made steak and cheese sandwiches, watched the red sox game and Wedding Crashers, drink a little beer and wine, and just vegged out.

Saturday and Sunday were similar. We shopped, I went to the movies with my sister (andsawharrypotterfinallywhichwasincredibleandilovelovelovedit), watched movies, and tv shows, and primarily just relaxed. I was so tired from the past few weeks, I slept in till 12 which I haven't done in ages. It was nice to just relax, not be social, and enjoy me time :-)

3. Tracking

I can't explain what it is, but for the most part (give or take a few good weeks), I've been lackluster with my weight loss lately. I kind of get stressed out with tracking, and I go through the Don't wanna track all damage-feel guilty cycle. I've been letting myself make excuses for working out. Obviously caution hasn't been thrown to the wind, I've pretty much maintained my weight, and haven't stopped working out or anything.

It's just been different. I took that weekend off in June because I needed a break, and I hopped back on no problem, but I've found myself doing little things that (to me) show I'm getting lazy. Adding on a donut or snack from the drive through. Not tracking that cookie, or candy, etc. And I want to lose weight, I do, I don't know what has changed from all those months of success.

And after another week maintaining, I decided to compare my menu with calories eaten, and see what happens.

On the Weight watcher website, a bunch of boardies mention the website "My Fitness Pal". I had tried sparkpeople in the past, but just found the website to be too confusing/cluttered. So I gave My Fitness Pal a go. What I didn't expect was a clear format, with a very weight watcher esque landscape. And a database that includes brands, and tons of different types to help you pinpoint what you actually ate.

So over the weekend I double tracked what I ate in MFP and WW. I didn't find anything spectacularly awful with what I was eating (I also had a really good weekend), but I felt like MFP was so much...easier to handle than WW. I was easily able to enter the high point meal I had saturday afternoon, and the exact kind of salad I had on Saturday night. It was kind of fun to see the breakdown for calories/fat/carbs/protein, and not just have that spelt into a point value.

I am really thankful for all Weight Watchers has taught me, and I know I could have never lost 60+ pounds without it. I needed that structure and to have an easier way to think of the food I was eating. But for the first time in weeks I didn't feel stressed out with what I was eating, or guilty for having a few drinks to unwind. I didn't feel bad about tracking all I ate, or going into the red, because seeing I was 200 calories over was a lot easier to understand than seeing I had used 60-80 points that day, if that makes sense.  It also brought to my mind that here was a website I really liked, that I found easier to use/follow than weight watchers, and I would be saving the 16/month, which may not be much but could be very helpful for when I move out.

So I cancelled my 3 month membership, effective 9.7.11. I am going to test it out for the fall, at least. If I don't find myself having success with MFP, then I'll switch back. No biggie, weight watchers will always be there for me. But I like the idea of calorie tracking, and seeing if that will work better for me. So I will keep you updated :-) Nothing will be changing. I am still focusing on healthy eating, weighing in on Fridays, all that good stuff.

4. Running Success!
I've been meaning to write about this for days now, but I kept on forgetting!

Last wednesday I gave running a go. I did 10 minutes Abs, 10 minutes high intensity eliptical, and then went on the treadmill. I went back a few weeks in C25K, to the 10 minute run 3 minute walk 10 minute run.

And I'm proud to report that while I had some slight cramps, it wasn't anything I couldn't work through. I felt so strong and empowered while running, and ended up doing 3 minutes more than I planned on, finishing out my walk run at 2.5 miles! It was such a great feeling to have a good run finally, and I was so happy I could have burst right afterwards :-) I am going to try it out again tonight, but hopefully it'll be more of the same and I can put this little episode behind me :-)

Happy Monday!

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