Friday, August 12, 2011

And Now, Our Bodies Are the Guilty Ones

First, Some Stats
This Week's WI: -2.6, 195.2

Week 1 Challenge
Goal 1(calories burnt)3630/15800
Goal 2 (pounds lost)2.6/10
Goal 3 (workout 4 days)Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs
Goal 4(limit indulgences)Drank Friday, Tues, Dessert Sunday Thursday!

So My first full week on My Fitness Pal proved successful! Honestly, it may have been the newness of it, but I felt like I could be so honest and it was so much easier for me to estimate everything, the tracker has 10 times more options, and I really liked using it.

I was also not stressed out like I was getting on weight watchers. I double tracked over the weekend, and Sunday I was over my points by 8, but under my calorie limit by 100. Which isn't cool. But regardless I worked on making my menu balanced, and bringing a lot of the elements of weight watchers into MFP. And I think it worked!

My only issue is that the weeks don't correspond with my weigh in days. But that's only a slight issue, something I can work with! I am going to stick with this for now, and see where it leads me :-)

I don't really experience food guilt persay, as in I don't eat something and then think to myself "Ughh I hate my life why did I eat that". But with WW, I found a lot of the time I was regretting things at the end of the day, or being mad at my self for going over my dailies, even after my whole debacle when I realized that my results are BETTER when I go over my dailies!

I would just get so nervous when I would use up a chunk of points friday nights for drinks. I would feel uncomfortable. What if I binged, or wanted to splurge? What if I ate something and didn't realize the points? What if I was starving after a workout, and had a bigger than planned dinner?

Irrational thoughts man, but I can tell you something, it is a lot easier to see that you are over your calories by 300 for the day (In my mind I say to myself that is a Jillian Video, or half a workout!)than it is to see you used up 30 WP on booze. And I love drinking, it's not something I'm willing to give up long term. I've given up binge drinking, and getting wasted every weekend. But most Friday nights I love having a couple of glasses of wine, or a few beers. And 3-4 beers ends up being a point mess, to say the least.

So for now, I think this will work better, and make me feel less guilty at the end of the day. I am going to go over my calories sometimes, it's inevitable. But I can workout to make up for it, (Ex. I went over by 200 last Friday night, but I was under by 300 thanks to my workout on Sunday, so I feel like that cancelled it out.) There is less guilt because I'm not going into a bank of points like you are with WW. It's so hard to find the happy medium, and I'm sure I'll have struggles with MFP, but for right now, my stress level is down, and I'm happy to have seen a loss :-)

This weekend should be a good time, tonight I am meeting a bunch of friends for good beer and drinks, I'm excited, it's been weeks since I've been out and about. Tomorrow M and co are going hiking, and then we are going to a good bye cookout for a friend's boyfriend. I may be babysitting afterwards, but well see.
And then Sunday, I am meeting my friend D in Newport for the day, which is by far the best part of the weekend :-) We haven't seen each other since last August, so it should be an awesome time together. I will be sure to recap on Monday!

and 10 points if you can name the play my title is from. And Go!

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