Monday, August 29, 2011

Step on a Crack...

And break my freaking back. A slight correction to the old rhyme, because this is how I feel right now.

To recap:

-Friday night was spent watching Lord of the Rings, eating (well portioned!) chinese food, and drinking wine. It was exactly what I needed after going a bit crazy Thursday night. I was tired, as was M. I hope we aren't getting old :-P
-Saturday morning I was up bright and early to help my friend J move down the street to a larger, nicer apartment (which was beautiful, and had an awesome view of the ocean and the old mill and factory buildings in south boston.). We've helped her before, and it didn't take too long, so Ifigured I would help till 3-4, go home, nap and then babysit.

She had a 10am appointment with Uhaul, to find that the guy with the truck prior to her never returned it. And because it's almost sept 1, everyone was moving that day, so they had no open trucks until 2pm.

So we went to the mall (which was foolish because we really should have just grabbed lunch), walked around for an hour, then headed back over to the UHaul place. I'll spare you the rest of gorey details, but the hurricane started while moving, it was rainy, her stairs were slippy so I got assigned to organize the truck, which killed my back. And We didn't eat till around 6pm, so I was starving and we were all wet and crabby.

At 7 I had to babysit, so I had to leave the two of them to do the rest (we got most of it up, all that was left was the bed pretty much), I was exhausted, wet and achey. Thankfully the little guy was an angel :-) And we played Marie is going to make a giant pile of pillows for him to jump on while I lie next to them and clap, for like an hour. It was the best time everr. I love when 3 year olds are happy.

And after I read him The Jungle Book for the tenth time (every single week he wants it), he sang himself to sleep. It was absolutely adorable. and totally made my rainy wet painfilled day so much better. I got to go home around midnight, and had promised M I would pick him up in town from our friend's graduation party. I thought about just going all gross, and not going in, but I figured I'd be social, so I ran home, showered, threw on a dress and headed out. It was a good time,but I was so ready for bed by the time I got home.

I woke up Sunday morning to the full on hurricane, feeling crappy. My back was so sore from lugging things and bending over, and lifting all day Saturday. I opted to have a rest day (I'm sure I burnt a ton of calories on Saturday, I was so sweaty pre rain haha). Then we had this happen:

And that freaked me out. You can't tell from the picture, but the branch was huge! Luckily no one was hurt or affected really, except my street was blocked all day. I lofted around the house all day, picked up M, and we hung around, watched TV and movies. It was nice, but the rain definetly bummed me out a lot. And my pain didn't let up all day, no matter how much IB Profen I took :-/
Today is more of the same, I don't think sitting in a chair is helping me though. I had a pretty decent weekend eating wise (I went over, but not by a ton), but I need to be OP this week, and  I need to burn some calories.
To accomplish this, I have:
-gone grocery shopping, and bought deli ham, bagel thins (which I haven't eaten in like a year), cheddar cheese, clementines, greek yogurt, and snyders honey mustard seasoned nibblers (which are fabulous btw). I am ready for this week!
-have developed a work out plan. It is now written down that I will work out Monday-Wednesday. There. Now I have to!
My initial plan was to go to the gym, but I'm a bit nervous with my back. I think I am going to try and run outside, because it is beautiful out! And that way if I have side pains, or my back really bugs me, I can just walk the rest of the way. My plan is to do 2 miles walk/running, which is totally doable. So wish me luck!

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