Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Back!!

Sorry for not posting in awhile! I gave myself the time away from the computer while I was on "staycation", so this is my first time checking the blogger in awhile! My time off was everything I wanted out of a vacation. Good food, relaxing nights, lots of activity, and some quality time with my sisters, boyfriend, and the sunshine 8-)

Some highlights (and lowlights)
-I had really good mexican food on Thursday (and subpar mexican last night. Picture boiled chicken with zero seasoning, wrapped into a tortilla, covered in salsa, sprinkled with cheese and called an enchilada. I was starving, but at one point just stopped eating it, it was so plain and boring, and they put way too much chicken in it)

-I went hiking with my sisters on Saturday, got lost, and ended up burning over 1000 calories because we were gone for so long. And it was beautiful and peaceful to be lost off the beaten track (we were only 10-15 minutes away,so it wasn't scary!)

-I went kayaking with M on Sunday. Gorgeous day, the pond it was on is beautiful, and a lot larger than it initially appeared. We brought a healthy lunch, ate on the boat, and spent 2.5 hours out there. My arms/upper body wanted to kill me by the end of it, but I loved it :-)

-I drank, a lot. But it was so worth it. And it was casual drinking, so I didn't get trashed everynight or anything like that :-)

-The sisters and I went biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail yesterday. It took us 3 hours and 20 minutes, with a 30 minute break for lunch in between, and we completed a total of 23 miles. Not too shabby for my first time biking in 10 years :-) It was so much fun!

-I tracked everything Thurs-Today. Truthfully. No fibbing. And I only went over (significantly) One day. See here for proof:

I don't know what happened to 818, I assure you I ate and tracked food. My numbers might seem high, but most of those days including working out, so my eating was a bit higher as well.
 -I cashed in on Old Navy's sales on Monday as part of my day of relaxing. for 60 bucks I got:
    •  2 Pairs of Jeans (one bootcut, one skinny)
    • 1 dress shirt
    • an oxford style shirt
    • 2 tanks
and I got a work out tank at marshalls for 7 bucks! It's tight, but I figure it'll be nice for outside workouts. Now on paper, you may say, ok great Marie, but what is so exciting about these purchases?

I'll tell you what. For reference, at the start of my weight loss journey I was a tight size 18 (realistically more of a 20, I was squeezing into my jeans), and an XL all around. The jeans I bought were both a perfect 14. Not tight, even sort of loose! The tops I bought vary between a M-L, and the large fits comfortably, not tight. I seriously almost cried when I put the 14s on with no problem. I even tried on a 12, just to see, and while it was tight, I could button it! I'm so close! I remember way back when, I would think to myself that getting to a 14 would be ok with me, and I would be totally happy with that achievement. To me, 14 is the size they start selling in regular stores, it makes you no longer actually "plus sized". I can go to H&M and buy things in a large, and not have it fit awkwardly (or not at all). It's a great feeling :-)

I sneaked a peek at the scale today (I didn't WI on Friday due to a lack of scale, and drinking and mexican occuring the night before), and I was up, but giving the activity of the last few days, I'm not surprised. I was going to work out tonight, but I think I'm going to take it easy and take a nice long walk with the puppy. I also have a zillion pictures to upload to my computer from the past few weeks, so I think tomorrow I will do a Picture update. I'll try and do it every Thursday, give you guys some visuals, I'll come up with a cute name and everything, hehehe


  1. nice progress!!! getting into the next size down is the Greatest Thing Ever.

    alos: totally done that with getting lost! it was a bike ride in san francisco, which you may know is full of hills, and what was supposed to be a relatively easy ride turned into something reaaaally hard. burned 1400 cals in 3 hours. lol.

  2. Oh wow! Thankfully we got lost on a trail, so it wasn't that much work, I would have died if it was on the actually mountain part!