Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why is the Weather so Confusing?

And why is it always questionable when I take time off work?

As of right now, it is "a couple of thunderstorms" in the forcast for tomorrow. But the hourly forcast has it as sunny until 6-7, which would be AWESOME, but confusing where it is telling me thunderstorms for the daytime. If it does thunderstorm tomorrow, we'll just go kayaking on Sunday, but it's just so frustrating! Every time I'm off work, it's rainy, or cloudy, or something is up. But when I'm stuck in the office, it's always goddamn beautiful outside.

I'm bitter.

The Red Sox game was fun. I mean, they lost, which sucked, but our seats were right next to the foul pole, which was cool because you could tell which we're home runs and which were foul. And we saw a triple play, which I thought M was going to pee himself with excitement, because "that happens maybe once a season, and never at a game you actually watch". I love when he's happy at Sox games. Our record is not good though guys (2-5) , so they really need to step it up and win next month when we go.

In other news I'm a new and improved woman, in case you don't know :-) Last night I hit the gym, and had a great 850 calorie burning workout. It was just one of those workouts that exhausted me, but made me feel great. While I was working out I felt empowered, and not wanting it to end like I have been lately. It was an awesome feeling :-)

But I was exhausted by the end, and am sore today. M and I have plans to grab mexican and drink some beer tonight, which I'm pumped for. Sadly, both those activities aren't exactly weight loss friendly. I've planned ahead, and know the damage I'm going to do (complete with chips and salsa), and it made me realize that just taking a walk won't be enough tonight. So I'm going to attempt to run outside near my house. My initial plan was for tonight to be a high cardio night, but that was before we walked to the red line on Tuesday night, because it was gorgeous outside, and M hates crowds. It was lovely, but I was sweaty afterwards

a solid 2 miles, and we didn't stop at all. So I counted that as some quality cardio to work off the Beer Works beers :-)

But, I'll only have 20 calories left for the day after my food/drink tonight, and I have a feeling I'm not calculating my meal fully (I did the best I could but with restaurants you can never tell), so I'd rather burn some extras to give me a buffer room.

I'm kind of nervous to run outside, it'll be the first time in awhile I've attempted it. But hey, no time like the present, right? Plus if I fail, I can just walk home and I'm still burning calories :-) It's a win win!

I'm so ready for it to be 5pm today. I desperately need this time off. I'm exhausted, need to catch up on sleep and relax for a bit. Plus my sisters leave for school in 2 weeks, so I would like to spend some quality time (not just after work) with them before we move them in. So I'm looking forward to Monday/Tuesday being off work with them, and going biking/hanging out. It's going to be so much fun :-)


  1. Good luck on the run! And WTG on burning 850 - I haven't done that in MONTHS!

    I'm still jealous of the Sox game. I was actually looking at planning a trip there for the spring! I'll have to do some emailing with you when we are planning on going!

  2. If you come up, definietly do! I'll give you tons of tips! :-)