Tuesday, August 2, 2011


First of all, thanks for your Thoughts and Prayers! Toby was doing better this morning. Last time this all happened, I was at school, so I didn't see him that first week. And apparently it was a lot like this. He was lifeless and not drinking, panting and not hungry. After a week, he gets a bit more alive, and starts to feel better. That is when what my sister calls his "Roid Rage" kicks in. He gets famished, has mood swings, etc. That part I definetly remember.

But I can't help but worry when he is lifeless and refusing water. It scared the crap outta me. Last night he was a lot more alert,although still exhausted and not moving a whole lot (or walking). But there are no more bruises compared to the pictures we took (I'll spare you those, they are gross) and this morning he actually growled at me when I fed him water, which may not seem like a good thing, but he hates having people touch his mouth, so for him to get upset about it again showed me he's feeling more like his old self. Poor little guy. Hopefully we continue on this upward path :-)

Anyways, throughout all my worries, I am proud to report that I did NOT emotionally eat. I wanted to. I wanted to order a giant chicken parm and devour it. Instead I ordered a ceasar salad with dressing on the side, no croutons. I ate a cracker barrell cheese stick wiht some crackers as a snack, and got a small vanilla soft serve ice cream later on. I only went over my dailies by 3, and am proud that I didn't just give up on everything because I was upset.

I didn't work out, but I had to work late yesterday, so I consider that valid enough reasoning :-) Here is my (tentative) plan:
T-Cardio at gym, abs. Shooting for 45-50 minutes cardio and 10 minutes abs

That way I get in a solid 4 days at the gym this week, and stay on track! I plan on having a low key week. I think this weekend took a lot out of me, emotionally and physically by running around all chicken like. Tonight M and I are continuing with Breaking Bad (great show. I had trouble getting into the first two seasons, because it was so heavy, and there was so much suspense it sort of bothered me after awhile. The third season is just fantastic so far though), and then Wednesday and Thursday night i plan on hanging out with the pup, doing laundry, and cleaning my room, because I haven't done that in far too long! It's actually kind of sad how much I'm looking forward to this "me" time. I love M, and I love spending time with him, but especially where we don't live together, constantly driving back and forth and not being able to do these little organizing things has been driving me crazy!

And I really do love my alone time. Always have, always will :-) It drives me nuts sometimes, because a lot of the people I'm friendly with don't seem to understand that. One group inparticular seems to enjoy being around others 24/7, So saying you just want a night in as a reason to not go out is taken personally, when it is honestly what it is, a night to myself. It's only slightly annoying :-)

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  1. Great job in figuring out how to balance your life and working out! And I'll keep praying for Toby!