Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 Awesome Things

1.2nd Best Place to Live in America, Money Magazine
That's my hometown! Born and raised in the 2nd best place to live in America, my current claim to fame, haha. It's been on the list before, and I can agree with it. It's a beautiful town,and you get a small town feel being 10 minutes from Boston, which really couldn't be better. I will say it does have a budget problem. They redid the schools a few years ago (which was well needed), and as a result of bad budgeting and spending money on stupid things they don't need (like brand new vending machines to replace the 3 year old ones), they have cut a lot of after school programs, and jobs. Which isn't cool. But hey, everyone has their dark spots, right? They do get a lot of things right :-)

2. I'm going to a Red Sox Game tonight!
My boss gave me her box seats for free for tonight's game. I guess she couldn't go, and didn't want to see them go to waste. And since I love the Red Sox, and baseball in general, she knew I would want to go :-) I'm so excited! It does me I don't work out tonight, but hey, I can work out Wed/Thursday instead. I have pretracked my dinner (papa ginos on the way home) and beer (3), and am only over my points by 200. Which is what I was under yesterday. And I plan on killing it at the gym tomorrow night. So booya, I'ma have me some fun!

3. Short Weeks
I took off Friday, Monday and Tuesday, so my week ends on Thursday! I desperately need a break, it has been a bit crazy lately, and I'm feeling burnt out. My company is also on the brink of becoming ridiculously crazy (it already is sort of starting, the production increased 10X in the past 2 weeks, so basically the number of cards I have to get through went from 15 to around 50-60), so I think my break could not come at an even better time.

It's the best feeling to be thinking about what I'm going to do for lunch on Friday, and then say to myself "oh wait, I won't be here". The Best. I'm not going anywhere, it's more of a "staycation" really. But I am doing 2 day trips, which would make any weight loss enthusiast proud :-)
-Friday M and I are going kayaking (weather permitting)
-Either Monday or Tuesday the sisters and I are doing a bike trip down the cape! It should be fun, although I can't remember the last time I road a bike, so I can see myself being incredibly sore the next day!

The inbetween will be filled with resting, sleeping, and enjoying a few days of my summer (hopefully at the beach with a book)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Super jealous you're going to a Red Sox game. DH and I want to go to Boston, we're SUPER HUGE Sox fans, but live in Yankee central, we even have our own local minor Yankee team, boo!

  2. Sadly they lost, which stunk, but it's so much fun! It never gets old! I know all about living in Yankee central, I went to school in Fairfield County, CT, it was the worst! Everything was always blocked, and everyone was a yankee fan.It's no fun!

    Go Sox!