Monday, August 15, 2011

Famous Last Words

"I'm not going to drink a lot tonight"

Name me a time when a night ever ends well when it starts out with that sentence. But it was worth it, to spend some quality bartime with friends I hadn't seen in awhile. We did however end up missing the last train home, and had to take a connecting one, which goes to a not so nice area.
And there was this stupid guy throwing the girl next to us, and eventually us. So I asked him to nicely to stop.

And he threatened M.

So we switched cars. He followed us, and threatened us some more.

So the guy across from us stood up to him, and they started screaming at each other.

At that point the boys got us out of there. I was so scared, and was sobbing because I was drunk, and I'd never been in a situation like that before. To be honest, I'm shaking a bit thinking about it. So I'm not going to anymore :-/

A bit of a downer. We called the cops the moment we left the train station. And then when M and I got home we called the cops to make sure the guy sitting across from us didn't get arrested, and to make it clear he was defending us/himself. It was by far the scariest experience I've ever had on the train before.
And to top it off, I was extremely hung over the next day. Which just isn't fair :-) Even a Whopper Jr and small fry (totally worth every calorie) couldn't rid the pain.

But a 2 hr hike totally did the job , I felt like death the first 30 minutes. My stomach was cramping, I was so thirsty, my head pounded after taking Advil. But I pressed on. It was a bit muggy but cloudy, and cooler than it had been recently. And by the end of the hike my cramps were gone, as was my headache, and I had drank enough water to supply a small village.  I was a disgustingly sweaty mess, and felt 100% amazing.

That is the awesome thing about hiking, is the exercise high is so different than anything else. Inside a gym, sweating it out can be helpful, and sometimes fun. But there is an added bonus to being in the woods, hiking, seeing my heart rate slowly raise up. Pushing myself because I have to, otherwise I physically cannot keep going. It is such a different feeling of accomplishment, actually standing on a mountaintop and reveling in how high we have gotten. Plus, it's fun to do it with M and the sisters (or as M called them the sasses, because of their sassy nature haha), as we can talk during the less strenuous parts, and laugh at each other. It's a bonding experience.

The rest of my weekend was totally eclipsed by the awesomeness that was yesterday. I got up early (which was not so awesome) and headed down to Newport RI to meet up with D. It was rainy, and muggy, and all kinds of awesome :-)

We grabbed lunch when we got there, and I got the breakfast potato skins, mainly because everything else had crab or lobster in it, and they only had a brunch menu available. Phe-nomenal. That is all I have to say. I wish I had gotten a picture of it.

We then spent a solid hour walking around, to walk off lunch, haha. We sat in Starbucks for a few hours, caught up on life, then headed up the street to grab some chocolates and cupcakes (which were out of this world), and headed back to the train station. I was exhausted by the time I got home, but it was so good to see her, (It had been a full year, which is awful). We also made plans to see each other in the next few months (Me next month,  as they now offer megabus service to New Haven, which has a direct line to her new home, and then she is visiting me for my birthday weekend!), which made it so much easier to leave knowing we would see each other in a month.. The best thing about our friendship is we both value it, so while we don't talk every day, it is maybe 1-2 times a week, so when we don't see each other all the time, it's ok, because we still have that bond.I can't wait till next month!

Back to reality, here's the plan:
M-fitness video
T-Cardio at gym
W-Strength and cardio at gym

Happy (rainy) Monday everybody!


  1. I always say I'm not going to drink a lot and then I get drunk. Then on the days I want to get drunk and plan to drink a lot I don't. Grrr.... That was a scary train ride. Glad you were okay and got out of that mess unharmed.

  2. It's inevitable, the same thing always happens to me! I should just stop trying to predict haha I'm clearly awful at it :-)