Monday, April 30, 2012


  • Starting a new job is far less glamorous and more stressful than I expected. Which was naive of me really. I figured I'd just get in there and after a few days be adjusted comfortable. And here we are three weeks later and I'm just starting to feel adjusted. Which I need to convince myself is okay, and they aren't going to fire me because I'm not "catching on" fast enough. They knew my experience, and have been nothing but nice and helpful, and keep on saying how it will take me awhile for it to "click". My last job was incredibly straight forwarded and easy, and required little thinking, which is why I ended up wanting to leave. Either way, I'm hoping to have more clarity and feel a bit more comfort by the end of this week. I know, it all comes with time :-)
  •  I should never drink 2 bottles of wine and then play beirut. It's just so not a good idea at all and leads to me not remembering from 11-1 of my own party. 
  • Attempting to run caused my hip to flare up. I am not going to try running for a long while. That isn't however an excuse to not work out at all. I'm giving myself a pass this week, I think it's good for me to take 2 weeks off, (this is week 2), take a break, and rest myself. Starting this weekend though, I'm back on track and really working at it.
  • Did I eat great this weekend? Nope, but I tracked everything, and wasn't terrible (besides friday haha). And this week I have turkey and cheese sandwiches and a pasta bake planned, with yogurt and cereal for breakfast. And a meal plan for dinner each night. 
Monday- Buffalo chicken and BBQ chicken rolls from
Tuesday- Fire and Ice
Wednesday- Taco Salad
Thursday-  Steak and Cheeses
Friday- Redbones BBQ!
Saturday- unsure

Not too shabby, huh?

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