Saturday, May 5, 2012

Because It's Friday Night, and I just, just just just just

Got. Paid. :-) That may be old school,  haha. I'm sitting here, tired on a friday night, but not so tired I want to stop drinking and go to bed. So instead I'm here. Watching Going the Distance (which I've just decided someone needs to buy me, because I think this is one of my favorite girlie movies).

Anyy ways, I'm watching this, drinking wine, (Alamos Malbec, which is, in my humble opinion one of the best cheap Malbecs. Its so flavorful!!) And I have three confessions to make:

1.I drank 3 times this week Tuesday night, Thursday night, and tonight. Not so great, instead:
2. I ate. White chocolate Chips, and light Dessert
3. On the positive side, I recognize I could have done AT LEAST  75% better. Seriously. I didn't work out at all, I ate more than I shoulda, and I'm sitting here at 12:59. on a Friday, and starting tomorrow, its going to be 10 times better.

So Starting tomorrow(because I'm tired and sleepy)

We're back on plan!

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